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when roses do not bloom

real stars must be love - these are our doctors  that the picture is authentic-my
where to go when you go over 365 days-moving on* this picture is not a report from MTV awards or charts or pictures with Oscar award but my MRI.. In addition to these concerns as luck happened to me malfunction in one an expensive camera but now find service personnel and pay repair ..
¨¨ excellent sharing my personal intimacy* Doctors in private practice calm and relaxed in the early morning hours-be careful with patients, partly objectively neutral for my and their health * notice further will the image on my blog to be this quality until my cell phone breaks down in some way ... accidentally use it only for calls.. to me is bitter coffee at least right now, but apart from the present direction we made a sharp turn towards the pedestrian crossing-to the city library to renew the membership fee for one year. And when in spite of myself I can not find my post which is associated with a particular them…

height of the person's; standard sizes & cultural pressures

Who likes to be out and stands on the site such as empty goal, it gets better as it sounds in English and explains the the meaning of the situation.Now wouldto me better come thick book from some ancient literature of at least 350 pages that deal with and write my review of this literary work.
What pleased me * let us write something cheerful ...
Stalls due to certain conditions, or still wave with small wings..writing poems (stalled), creating songs with music (stalled),Painting (pause),craft (active / tired),photos (sometimes for the soul),
from peacemaker've turned into a the three dots and move on..

expectationsaresometimeslargeteret.mono-iswhenwe expectsomethingfrom you,the other iswhen youexpectsomethingfrom theother,and the thirdiswhen someoneexpectssomethingfromus.
Butifthe expectationsthatothers haveof us havethe same expectationsthatwe haveforyourself?

little lovefromgraydoves(rudespoilthemall*) otherwisedo not dobiologybutof coursetheeducationIhada greatsuccess…

feline canine life

Sunday proofing own willpower and perseverance..
Saturday was a failure weeks, strange events...Probably  I can not declare ;or publish...Who and why do you want me turn into a stone statue, without words..
The rules of one's values..these and thousands more over me-rags used to wipe the floor or mop*About justice *

early in the morning around half past five Beadwork is the art or craft of attaching beads to one another by stringing them with a sewing needle or beading needle and thread or thin wire, or sewing them to cloth. European beadwork alias Croatian version This image is called a needle than 5,30 h in the morning to 12,30 h afternoon Sunday, 8/21/2016 does the scheme work with needles like embroidery. Beadwork techniques are broadly divided into loom and off-loom weaving, stringing, bead embroidery, bead crochet, and bead knitting. truth here is more than one technique ;in.complex beadwork may take weeks of meticulous work with specialized tools and equipment. Perle su na ručn…

how to manage pain

how toreducesmoking;DurexorDuracellbatteries..
Thiswould be a veryjuicyDual toneortriadtitleoradownloadedambiguousmeaning..By the wayI brokea couple oflawtakingsomepicturesandinstructions on theInternet*orforce majeure, thepeoplewill do notbe angry pleaseit is abouthuman Health.
Of coursein ourtimereducingsmokingmeansrepenthimselfhold backyour ass;secisnowirrelevantas far aswebitour Healthandhalf-emptybatterythat need to berechargefor at least another25 years.*
 "transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation." This is a pain management technique in which small electrodes are placed on the skin and used to administer low intensity, rapid electrical pulses. The electricity is thought to block the pain signals pathways traveling to your brain and also to cause your body to reduce your pain by releasing chemicals called endorphins.

Thispicture was takenon my desk;it is aboutsmallsmarthomeappliances(adeviceorpieceofequipmentdesignedto performaspecifictask,typicallythedomesticones)cours…

Motivation to use a stage name

Well Good Morning World, Jesus, Mary and the Holy Spirit ...
I did not awakened yet and you head gallop letters and not light on the stage, the night was not exactly dreamy is not that good quality sleep and then what little sleep wake dog barking and an old woman who lay in the evening at 7 pm and wake up at 6 though Saturday not working(old virgins, widows and divorcees leave coffee for the late afternoons as well as the latest gossip) ....out there is as cold and cloudy but will be better not my mood..
how to start today Defter or rustic Svadbena Polka or Slavonian tradition ;Balkan cuisine with a touch of Slavic steamed..
All of these together form part of Europe (without stage directions please)Usually that I am a man or a a husband (a woman I) would be juicy profanity..while they men ruled in the house they did not drink this coffee (.
I'm not a local gossip¨¨

Motivation to use*
A performer will often take a stage name because his/her real name is considered unattractive, du…

weaving eggs with a needle and thread on my way

I know it is not approaching Easter, or each day of life and creation is Easter.
I did not plan on either research this topic, accidentally while I was working necklaces with the end I started a small polymer bead weaving or embroidery with thread and knot and then be launched childhood memories and curiosity something I did not inherited through tradition.I'm a little tired of translating everything I wanted to write this in the Croatian language ..but after so long a period would not be fair.
¨¨Iako kroz ovu čitavu priču mislite da sve teče poput meda i mlijeka tako se na životu na zemlji dešavaju sva mala čuda,nedoumice,mala čudesa i problemi;naravno da će me nastavnici optužiti zbog gramatike i korištenja svojih malih nepravilnosti pisanja..Angry will be many if I use my freedom of expression (write or read to reading to writing).This is not exactly translated to the right origin.
Čovjek nije dijete iako je mali kreativni stvaralac(The man is not the child even though a small c…
One of the earliest recorded uses of macramé style knots as decoration appeared in the carvings of the Babylonians and Assyrians. Fringe-like plaiting and braiding adorned the costumes of the time and were captured in their stone statuary. Macramé traveled from north Africa, with the Moors during their conquests, to Spain, and as a result of this conquest it spread, firstly to France, and then throughout Europe.

new postnewarticles inthis technique..

pendantsandbeadsof thesamepolymerClaymademy way;andoverallimpression.. This is a littlefunnierpart;otherwisedo not workwithadrill ;Ifescapeconcentrationcandestroybeads,destroy themachineorrun out offingers* alllistedgoldWorth(Nowonly the firsttime that I seein the videoworkof my handsand thewayholdingdrills?) Power tools, etc.arein the hands ofthe fatherorbrothers (butgirlssometimes have togrow up) Thisalreadylooks different;the needleand threadI Know but atechniqueforget*(Thiswould nothave happened) morecrampthanpictures aform oftextile-makingus…