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democratic way thinking

democratic reforms an officer with executive power.

1.Agenda setting (Problem identification) - The recognition of certain subject as a problem demanding further government attention.
2.Policy Formulation - Involves exploring a variation of options or alternative courses of action available for addressing the problem. (appraisal, dialogue, formulation, and consolidation)
3.Decision-making - Government decides on an ultimate course of action, whether to perpetuate the policy status quo or alter it. (Decision could be 'positive', 'negative', or 'no-action')
4.Implementation - The ultimate decision made earlier will be put into practice.
5.Evaluation - Assesses the effectiveness of a public policy in terms of its perceived intentions and results. Policy actors attempt to determine whether the course of action is a success or failure by examining its impact and outcomes.

of course I'm a little regret on my own account, but all this works in any domain or even in my case, it's me who has to perform multiple action; in other cases, any small or large factory has a person responsible for a specific function and activity.
I did not fell muses but everything does not go smoothly without a tangled plot;coffee is bitter as before the only satisfaction I have in my little art movement ..
damn the kuna-the basic monetary unit of Croatia, equal to 100 Lipa.
what you can buy with us for 100 linden-pack of chewing gum from 4.50-7 kunas or 0.66 dollars-03.01 dollars (orbit or something / import); funny as chewing gum luxury goods and bread you get 700 grams 3:50 Kuna = 0.52 dollars(young lady,  where do you live-which part of Africa )¨
Stupid comment-now you know why young immigrants  us can be nice to live in Croatia but you will not get rich overnight;This is for those that are targeted at high heels and expensive cars.

thinking about the cost of artistic life-I have no cost estimate*
I have a love for art and headache existence...buying one gum(piece by piece) / budget is in the red /I have goods (but others dictate the pace, sale/not sale, hanging in the air ;deliberately lowering prices; value)

last night a little lamp lights

 with the first principles of things, including abstract concepts such as being, knowing, substance, cause, identity, time, and space.
see small can make or sketches "can be a good product*
some say it should not have to publish*
I'm not deluded ;belong  to realism despite my questions and thoughts as well as read books.
Of course the color costs as well as the brush;  clay to;glass,wood;tool;machines, varnish,electricity, time,thread, needle; textiles;paper,glue..Esty services,picture frames,acrylic colors,utilities, food,Sometimes cosmetics and some clothes,petrol or bus ticket,food for dog,water,Internet, mobile phone, fixed phone,TV subscriptions..
 cool to me must at a whole range of color
 Capitalism is an economic and social system in which capital, land and means of production are privately owned; work, good sources and resources are traded on the markets; and earnings, after tax, divided by the owners or invested in technology and industry.
roots in the period of the Enlightenment
I was a little painted, watercolor
specified format ;libertarian character

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