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feline canine life

Sunday proofing own willpower and perseverance..
Saturday was a failure weeks, strange events...Probably  I can not declare ;or publish...Who and why do you want me turn into a stone statue, without words..
The rules of one's values..these and thousands more over me-rags used to wipe the floor or mop*About justice *

early in the morning around half past five
Beadwork is the art or craft of attaching beads to one another by stringing them with a sewing needle or beading needle and thread or thin wire, or sewing them to cloth.
European beadwork alias Croatian version
This image is called a needle than 5,30 h in the morning to 12,30 h afternoon
Sunday, 8/21/2016
does the scheme work with needles like embroidery.
Beadwork techniques are broadly divided into loom and off-loom weaving, stringing, bead embroidery, bead crochet, and bead knitting.
truth here is more than one technique ;in.complex beadwork may take weeks of meticulous work with specialized tools and equipment.
Perle su na ručnom izrađenom takozvanom užetu "
(iskukičane pletenice na moj nečin i upletene da stvorim traku )
i navezene su ili našivene sa unutarnje i vanjske strane.Ovo je moja prva ogrlica na ovaj način.
 vjerovatno zbog nekog nemanja šeme ili nacrta ovo je svojevoljni dizajn(uporaba vremena)
Nije kukičano oko užeta-Not crocheted rope around.(necessary metal ends and glue)
nastavak ili završetak ove ogrlice riješen je na drugačiji način;može se prilagoditi i nositi na dva načina.
when I get or do I?
racks and stand jewelry
Why expose ourselves (make (something) visible, typically by uncovering it.)
as an object looks and stands on a living person?
ne bavim se čudnom politikom niti imam firmu i zaposlenike koji će uporabiti svoju snagu ruku kao i znanje.
my strength, knowledge and intellect and finely lipa(HRK)supported alone oneself.
From idea to an independent way of doing Business*
Competition is competition between at least two individuals, groups, organizations, animals, plants, etc., For territory, space or Resources(I am currently in negative territory -something well in a small amount -reduced to no value).
The market is also a mechanism for regulating the relations of sellers and buyers in the conditions in which participants exchange or buying and selling realize their goals and interests, why and interact.
Tips and Guide,improving employability,the exercise of rights
and social inclusion

Više podataka na mrežnoj stranici nadležnog Ministarstva zdravstva i socijalne

Certainly it is not easy and pleasant to be out of a job, be sick, poor,
and / or other difficulties. In such cases, you have the right to ask for help,
but the process usually have to run alone because no nearest environment does not have to
know the problems you face. Start ways of solving or at least
ub lažavanja difficulty is actively seeking help.

/U Republici Hrvatskoj pravo na socijalnu pomoć počiva na Ustavu RH, na Zakonu

o socijalnoj skrbi. U njemu se ističe načelo supsidijarnosti – svatko mo ra
brinuti o svome blagostanju i građani su primarno odgovorni za vlastitu dobrobit
i dobrobit onih o kojima trebaju skrbiti; svatko je svojim radom, prihodima
i imovinom dužan pridonositi sprečavanju, otklanjanju ili ublažavanju
vlastite socijalne ugroženosti i članova svoje obitelji, posebice onih članova koji
se ne mogu o sebi brinuti. Ipak, za osobe koje nisu kadre same riješiti svoju nepo
voljnu materijalnu i socijalnu situaciju, postoji sustav socijalne skrbi i drugih
oblika pomoći./
In Croatia, the right to social assistance is based on the Constitution of the Republic of Croatia, the Act
The Social Welfare. It highlights the subsidiarity principle - everyone can ra
worry about their well-being and citizens are primarily responsible for their own well-being
and the well-being of those who need care; Everyone has their work, income
and the assets required to contribute to the prevention, elimination or mitigation
own social vulnerability and their family members.
Korisnik socijalne skrbi je samac ili obitelj bez dovoljno sredstava za podmirenje
osnovnih životnih potreba, a ne mogu ih osigurati svojim radom, prihodom
od imovine ili drugim izvorima.
(bolesna odrasla osoba, starija, nemoćna i
druga osoba koja zbog trajnih ili privremenih promjena u zdravstvenom stanju
ne može rješavati osnovne životne potrebe)
sick adult, an infirm

another person because of permanent or temporary changes in health status

can not solve the basic necessities of life)*
successful man, reactive, proactive, a man without a goal, the man with the aim of personally disorganized person, personally organized man-this is probably not all of these possibilities, but only some packets or frames through sociology psychology...

fraklec - mala flašica za oštro piće(fraklec - small bottle of drink sharply)

The dictionary prevails Germanism because of the influence of the German language in history

autohtoni hrvatski fraklec
iz moje zbirke rukotvorina





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