height of the person's; standard sizes & cultural pressures

Who likes to be out and stands on the site such as empty goal, it gets better as it sounds in English and explains the the meaning of the situation.Now would to me better come thick book from some ancient literature of at least 350 pages that deal with and write my review of this literary work.
What pleased me * let us write something cheerful ...
Stalls due to certain conditions, or still wave with small wings..writing poems (stalled), creating songs with music (stalled),Painting (pause),craft (active / tired),photos (sometimes for the soul),
from peacemaker've turned into a pacemaker..it the three dots and move on..

expectations are sometimes large teret.mono- is when we expect something from you, the other is when you expect something from the other, and the third is when someone expects something from us.
But if the expectations that others have of us have the same expectations that we have for yourself?

little love from gray doves(rude spoil them all*)
otherwise do not do biology but of course the education I had a great success of it; in this case it is about something else ...
practice, the character of being, freedom

Now I know all" about the 50 shades of gray According to Darwin's scheme

Stay here - it is very simple and probably the most effective technique. When you notice that your thoughts wander, just say to yourself, be there (or something similar, for example, boils up, count up ...). You may think that your mind too often go fly? Do not worry, if you are like most people, you are going to several times per minute. Every time you say, just be there. Gently tell you this, do not be strict and mandatory in positive terms. So, be there, concentrate, and do not now think of Tomicu(only example name). (I do not believe it works? Well, let's check for one minute, think about what you want, just do not think of chocolate. Be sure to inform the fire if it fails.)
a bit entranced creation and combinations;on this does not need much to write.
Learn from the spider - is also very simple technique to maintain concentration and do not give up from various using inhibitors, which supports the theory (we do not know whose, but we can and we preempt) that no one is at such a low level of development that some of it we could learn. So, you gently shake the spider web, he will immediately rush to check not whether he caught anything. If you say it, it will be a few more times to come, and then it will be "wise up" and give up. Wise to you, do not be bothered by any sounds from outside, every door opening, every word that is uttered by someone, every person you a little out of the net. Focus on the "fly" you already have in the network and with which you must deal.
consideration and reflection
Here are some things that can help:• When you become aware of how much you really takes concentration for certain things, decide if this is acceptable to you, or would you want to even have to fix. (For example, you get the idea that only ten minutes you something to listen to, and you are a student and you lectures last for 45 or 90 minutes.)• breaks, change the activity (it does not play cards under the bench or otherwise upset the professor! - In fact, this point does not apply to the teaching situation).• Praise when you manage to maintain the concentration of how you planned.• Be active; if something is playing, write (you can rely on your memory, you might be very disappointed).• Create're working atmosphere, without the things that will interfere with concentration or will for them to fall asleep (too hot rooms, too comfortable place, too boring music).• Things that require maximum concentration perform at a time when it most suits your biological rhythms; concentration is difficult to maintain if you are tired.• Make sure you work with someone else to help you stay focused for a long time.• Do not rely too much on stimuli in the form of pots of coffee, the other not to mention. The effect of them is just in the short term, but you are doing you exaggerate it could be bad consequences for the physical and mental health.• Be sure that the reason why no progress really lies in difficulties with concentration, but not for lack of knowledge, understanding and skills.

 Again I took the engraving tool in the hands
materializing thoughts and not just a hologram image
Transurfing powerful management techniques reality that proposes a different way of thinking and acting in order to achieve what you want. You do not need to struggle to achieve your goal - he himself realizes.

This is perhaps the story of Peter Pan * in case, check yourself

The idea TRANSURFING based on the assumption that there is a space in which variants are kept scenarios for all possible events. There he recorded everything was, what is and what will be. Under certain conditions the energy of human thought is able to materialize this or that variant.
in these two bottles is not going strange elixir, even missing my two plugs or sometimes brandy can make you a little shake
otherwise I do not consume alcohol, it's hard to be a realist and so sober
My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style