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Motivation to use a stage name

Well Good Morning World, Jesus, Mary and the Holy Spirit ...
I did not awakened yet and you head gallop letters and not light on the stage, the night was not exactly dreamy is not that good quality sleep and then what little sleep wake dog barking and an old woman who lay in the evening at 7 pm and wake up at 6 though Saturday not working(old virgins, widows and divorcees leave coffee for the late afternoons as well as the latest gossip) ....out there is as cold and cloudy but will be better not my mood..
how to start today Defter or rustic Svadbena Polka or Slavonian tradition ;Balkan cuisine with a touch of Slavic steamed..
All of these together form part of Europe (without stage directions please)Usually that I am a man or a a husband (a woman I) would be juicy profanity..while they men ruled in the house they did not drink this coffee (.
I'm not a local gossip¨¨

Motivation to use*

A performer will often take a stage name because his/her real name is considered unattractive, dull, or unintentionally amusing, is difficult to pronounce or spell, has been used by another notable individual, or projects an undesired image. Sometimes a performer adopts a name that is unusual or outlandish to attract attention.
/Normally I'm not the Wizard of Oz/how to describe what you person deals-the entire description running through my writing on the blog.

(The pseudonym is false, the other name by which a person presents with the aim failure of his true identity, or as a way to present people in a different light or the removal of prejudices about the origin or affiliation by seks.)

I was asked why I use a specific name or the name of the social networking sites and blog-my name on other continents is difficult to pronounce, read-and it is an old folk roots.
In my name and surname speculate belonging to a particular religion and nationality, I am annoyed since childhood
Mr. Freud was an excellent teacher (a precursor of psychoanalysis) normally as any child in writing to meet with the chemistry society...
They Islamicized Serbs or Croats converted to Islam; they are Orthodox Serbs and Croats heretics; just shit I listen through my childhood.(Native Americans, Indians or blacks; Mongoloids, yellow or green Martians or Jews,Nazi, patriot, fascist, Antichrist, an idiot, infidel,little Chinese,idolaters, uncivilized,...)*
Idiocy create conflict .¨¨
I know with whom I went to sleep last night with care in mind and old history back at least 900 years...
My mother is like the old Indians gave national names with meaning-Svetlana does not belong to the Russian tradition:Despite  roots!

My Name noun Light/daughter/(4 in a row of children),
Zoran name noun Dawn;(The second male child)
Zlatan/Zlatko name noun Gold (first male child),Snjezana name noun Snow /daughter/(Third in a row).

Citizenship by birth Croats long time ago members of Yugoslavia;Nationality Croatian..Catholic

Why sleep the sleep of 900 years back;Normally there have,in my small life, cobwebs and dust..
--- but as I got older choking me policy lack of knowledge,900 and more years of waste.
So in Eon and Eon in eternity..apostles are watching us from above and below pluck gray beard and hair ..not to mention the former military leaders as well as government or small random hyenas .

#Eon is the name for a very long period of time. Geologists use the term eon as the largest unit of the geologic timescale. For example, fanerozojski eon debt of 550 million years and covers the time period in which live animals are able to leave the fossils with a hard shell.
Eon consists of several sugars, consisting of the smaller periods, which are in turn made up of epochs. We now live fanerozojskom eonu, kenozojskoj era, Neogene period and holocenskoj epoch.
One definition of eon considered "unit of geological time that is billions of years" , but it is rarely used.

Legal regulation of personal names began yet the Council of Trent (1545th to 1563rd), when all parishes should keep nuts baptisms, marriages and deaths. This law should have been with all the names, enter the names that have become permanent, immutable and hereditary. According to academician Petar Simunovic, the Council of Trent, the surname, which is characterized by three varying characteristics, the main feature of which is "... different from the personal name," as he writes in the book "Croatian surnames". What Simunovic called "personal capacity", and in fact the name of the individual, while under Croatian law personal name consists of names and surnames.Last name is a family name and an integral part of every individual's name. Surnames generally complement the name of the man, and in this way it uniquely different from other people. As such surname originated in the second half of the 14th century, that is in 1375. Several dictionaries defines and uses the word "name" as a synonym of "family name".
Surnames are initially created by the occupation, geographical location, characteristics, nicknames, etc., So that today we have the surname forms.(data may not be exactly in time through the centuries to be dated)

written on half of the 19th century
Earth is the mother of all people and all who live on it belong to the same rights. Let me live freely, to travel freely, to stand where I want to do what I want, to trade freely ... to choose teachers at will, to be free to practice the religion of their fathers, free to think, speak and do as I wish, and I I will obey every law and to obey any penalties.
Chief Joseph (Heinmot Tooyalaket), Nez Perce

Accidentally be hanging out with these books and titles I hope I'm not disturbing!

Bioethics (Greek, bios = life, ethos = behavior) is a discipline that studies human actions with respect to all life, including himself. It is interdisciplinary and multi- perspective thinking about the issues of human health, death, life, environment, relationship to non-human animals, the development of science, politics and economics in the context of life and the environment and more. The name was first used by the German philosopher, teacher and pastor Fritz Jahr in 1926 in the article "Wissenschaft vom Leben und Sittenlehre" ("Life Science and science of morals") where Bioethics conceived as an ethical responsibility toward life in general and formulated after modeled on Kant, bioethical imperative: "Respect every living being, in principle, as an end in itself and preferably therefore deal with it as such!"

This is not the entertainment business blogging.

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