weaving eggs with a needle and thread on my way

I know it is not approaching Easter, or each day of life and creation is Easter.
I did not plan on either research this topic, accidentally while I was working necklaces with the end I started a small polymer bead weaving or embroidery with thread and knot and then be launched childhood memories and curiosity something I did not inherited through tradition.I'm a little tired of translating everything I wanted to write this in the Croatian language ..but after so long a period would not be fair.
¨¨Iako kroz ovu čitavu priču mislite da sve teče poput meda i mlijeka tako se na životu na zemlji dešavaju sva mala čuda,nedoumice,mala čudesa i problemi;naravno da će me nastavnici optužiti zbog gramatike i korištenja svojih malih nepravilnosti pisanja..Angry will be many if I use my freedom of expression (write or read to reading to writing).This is not exactly translated to the right origin.
Čovjek nije dijete iako je mali kreativni stvaralac(The man is not the child even though a small creative creator)!
What I and when" create and how? I choose -not!
Sometimes no substances or material or are too expensive at a certain moment*is currently my headphones from cell phone at the ear and listen to old tunes, relaxing after long hours of work.

This is called a shortcut (shortened writing with the picture)
I'm a little screwed up in order weaving or screw up a few times and then create miracles¨¨
traditional decorating Easter eggs (according to color mode and I think that does not belong to this nation)
in my mind, China; silk embroidery knots, etc.
ili neka druga država ili nacija u mojem susjestvu¨¨
Wooden beads are not intended for this action
of course I know that these are not topics that just entertain people, but my writing is not intended for entertainment and entertainers*
and not even the children's entertainment*
no I'm not an old lady who only deals with specific topics and knitting underwear and scarves"

these techniques are not so old but the continuously evolving toward the 21st century*
not I have no desire to prepare a video and upload to YouTube!
We stopped at macramé and finally we have a lot of effort to come up with the final result of which should create its own motive and scheme (I count the nodes, measure the length of thread and make sense of the original design)
and tired of research¨¨

But my dear young lady, what is your specialty?
This all make (but not quite all)
Some swallow TV soap opera; receive social benefits; do not do anything**they live from day to day(loss of a sense of pride, dignity, value, ability, courage)

I still on sick leave trying to stay healthy and productive"
all this did not come from frolics or my boredom as much as you seem strange and funny(.
my life in this way that brings no Money (you all too follow people who write blogs about fashion, they are dealing with and modeling, advertising; have professional managers,photos, stylists, designers)
??Or a blog theme that contain entertaining posts and topics*(it's not my bread*)


right here I spent a couple of hours of my life, valuable