when roses do not bloom

real stars must be love - these are our doctors

that the picture is authentic-my

where to go when you go over 365 days-moving on*
this picture is not a report from MTV awards or charts or pictures with Oscar award but my MRI..
In addition to these concerns as luck happened to me malfunction in one an expensive camera but now find service personnel and pay repair ..
¨¨ excellent sharing my personal intimacy*
Doctors in private practice calm and relaxed in the early morning hours-be careful with patients, partly objectively neutral for my and their health *
notice further will the image on my blog to be this quality until my cell phone breaks down in some way ... accidentally use it only for calls..
to me is bitter coffee at least right now, but apart from the present direction we made a sharp turn towards the pedestrian crossing-to the city library to renew the membership fee for one year.
And when in spite of myself I can not find my post which is associated with a particular theme,nor the will to repair posts or updates text..no this is not the "THAT "my beloved diary"
If someone mentions me horny oldys gaffer  or teenagers, housewives or similar..like a soap opera (in consciousness will start to scream)*
nor was funny, nor rises ¨¨something in  my *underpants/ women in the horoscope and in the life should be male Superman*
the remaining balance just something spiritual strength*

went to the Department of American literature unintentionally;

this is to start reading more easily, a little breaking worries-Of course the Croatian translation.

background socializing with TV-ASTRA satellite catch more German programs but can keep in touch with the BBC and CNN ,and the rest of the world.
for now VIVA (music program) transmitted MTV awards.

Thus it seems sometimes *early in the morning.


Butternut squash with cheese on sweet way with pears

should it be salted lunch ..but I made dessert