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a woman on a mission

¨¨¨maybe this willbe a littleboringpostbutforsomeit will be veryinteresting;the weightof the task*high..
Datingfrom theold techniquesof handmadespecificpurposeitems;accidentpictures foundon olddvdfrom 2009...¨¨did notabout footballandliteraturedespitethe fact that Ifinallyopenedandbegan to readcertain text.As the daysflowis normalthat eachpersondealswith other mattersin daily life..
ofhouseholdsto highcontemplativeandcreative ideasandsmalljoy .
Sometimesdecisionshave to bestrong, especiallyifyoumakelosses,nervousness,lack of creativityorformanydisappointmentschiliconcerns.For thosewho are unfamiliarornotI closedmy little Estytrade-I do not planon the Internetto losemybestyearsof lifewithout someexcellentResults ..
No it'snotmyfailures,butI donotplan tomaintain thesiteand payonlyfor the sake ofsomegalleries..with some thingsaresometimesagreebutsomearenevercalm..
I wentina bitphilosophicalgrudgewater..howis saidthat*time out*orstandonball)howIwantedthisto properly writeandtranslate..mean…

gray hairs in my head

I'm not sure I'm in the mood for some writing * start shortly and finished at length ..
what has that which is *
My life has turned into a strange form of life, not high leg on legs  *(abouthigh society)
I do not want life to me non-stop attack in my ass or spine or to name my brain*.
I apologize for the global population that can not write about children's books, such as the story of Bambi and Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs eternal struggle for eternal fighters and migrants in different ways..
We are  not Internet bugs because we exist on earth and in society as ordinary people Although it sounds strange rest of the people are not familiar with more than a couple of million people wrote and narrates this way as I do.*
I hope you do not confuse what I fill labels on this blog so-called Journal or live interactive book.*
*How my day begins," somewhat sleepy with bitter coffee and the music on the TV screen..a person who practices unconventional lifestyle, accordi…

something maybe unusual

something maybe unusual od murmurmuses sadrži Irene Neuwirth Balmain suede top
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Étoile Isabel Marant skinny fit jeans
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Navy blue booties
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Âme moi leather man bag
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Irene Neuwirth earrings
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Anne Klein multi color jewelry
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Beaded hair pin
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Slim iphone case
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Luminess Air pen eyeliner
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Gel eye liner
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Marc Jacobs fragrance
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has its roots

as a form of hobby, folk art and sometimes even fine art.
Textiles have been a fundamental part of human life since the beginning of civilization Design news and projects Testing – in situ testing a designed solution something small,expensiveand not - easily  "to weave", "to braid" or "to construct all themagicwill not be disclosed* Wearable art, also known as Artwear or "art to wear" investigating similar design solutions in the field or related topics* Unique  my made art conceptualizing and documenting design solutions 
the creation of a plan  aesthetic, functional, economic, 

trace roe deer

This can be like this and write through the dust and the wild little wandering and enjoying our natural environment in which they far I have 100 times wanted to have a large lens of professional photography as well as the speed of their observations and shooting..slightly despite the proximity of the little cultivated wild nature as women sometimes feel fear because I met a couple of times with fox a few meters away from her ..I am tame buthow wild animals react to not want to meet.But in the same moment I would not want the hunters the hunt for fun .. they enter into her the natural habitat..and other smaller and larger animals .
This was just a walk through nature for me and my dog *how preserve the physical and mental fitness"

dog will not let off the leash is not trained,I keep it from ticks, rubbing on various secretions... This is a forest Rosinjača;unknown and never enter into it to ..  I'm not a hunter but I recognize some of the tracks*
whether the deer passed…

This is an area of joy

visually increase the internal process Research world open spirit, develop imagination and long-term create a focus on the recognition of personal development.

meaningoftenremainsmysterious,communicatedthe sense ofunreality,of expectationof an unusualevent,evokesilenceandsleep,disturbingbecauseitpermeatesbothfascinatingandrepulsivemood* resulting spontaneously, with rational intervention and control* I will not describe the procedure, but I am pleased this story.

The Dark Heroine

It is difficult to start reading any book if you are troubled earthly problems and chaste questions, you might think I'm too dark people and to choose a little strange kind of literature..
our choices for reading used to not depend on us, the book covers only the dark embellished sadness romance framework in mysterious mystical representations of a society in which we live or are guessing once people thus lived alongside one another.
Eternal mystical chemist probably divided with one hand above us through genetic inheritance, one run marathons eternal and win medals others write and winning Oscars.
What do I do with this my little girl who read with their 10 year  Agatha Christie;  about Watson and Mr. Holmes..though the book for a little more grown persons..course to differ children reading and reading in adulthood.

!If it pleased Almighty God to give his wife share the same mental faculties as a man, then to me, the worms of the earth that we must obey his will! "Strossmayer…

Una storia importante

Youth isspentdealing with theoccasionalacting anddreaming of amusic career.1981isreportedto the competitionmusicaltalentswith the song"Rock80",whichhelatersecuredfirst contractwith arecord company.
In shortI think Iwas too youngin those years,1980¨¨I juststartedfirst grade,asthe kidsjustdid not have themoneyto buycassettes..orcassette player..
I think it'sintroduction tohis worksbeganin 1985,butthat I managed tosave moneyfor that...his albumofthat year..I, I can notremember.
Probablygive upsnacksorsweetsbecause theywere starting tobuyandteenagemagazines..therewerevariouspostersof musicians..
it is difficultsometimesto explain thepassionsandtastestoglazbi..nescreamingat himas ahandsomeyoung man,but as agreatsinger.HowItalyandthe Italian languageandmusic *I think I'mthe same yearboughta tapeofthe Gipsy Kings;..rhythm,warmth,tenderness,beautifulverses..Of course I'mprobablythe only oneherelistening tomusicinthe range of 100km..I'm talkingabout ayoung girlin 1985*is …

cuisine: Japrak on my croatian way

How to Make Dolma (Grape Leaves Roll)
Boiled or stewed Bosnian dishes are mostly soft as predominantly cooked and stewed with a little water, generally of soup-stock, and hence have a natural juice or sauce, which in itself does not at all roux and oriental spices in small quantities, and they do not reduce the sweetness and flavor of the meat. In BiH, the kitchen generally no special sauces, but they create a meal based soups and supplements during cooking or at the end.

Bosnian dishes, most are completely natural, with plenty of vegetables, fruits, milk and dairy products, such as spinach, cabbage, eggplant, tomato, zucchini, green onions, carrots, parsley, celery, leek (Prasa), beans, rice , green sweet peppers, plums, quince, sweet and sour milk, sour cream, sweet and sour cream, etc.
/napokon sam isprobala jelo na moj način*,veoma ukusno" iako nisam probala originalnu verziju od nekog šefa kuhara;naravno prema meni bi moglo biti i malo oštriji ukus ali kad niste gladni neka…

Victorian decanters and a tantalus

¨¨biti kažnjen tako da si do vrata  u hladnoj vodi, a iznad glave  grane s prekrasnim voćnim plodovima. Kad god bi poželio ubrati plod, grane bi se izmakle. Kad god bi poželio popiti hladne vode, voda bi se povukla.¨¨

¨¨be punished so that you-to-door in cold water, and overhead branches with beautiful fruit fruits. Whenever she wanted to pick the fruit, the branches would be eluded. Whenever he wanted a drink of cold water, the water would be withdrawn.¨¨¨

Do children know that we women our fathers and mothers talk and called my son*The reasons are numerous, as well as support to our strength and lifelong assistance;holders of the four walls of the pyramid called dear life humanly.
What is this woman than intoxicating effect of the drinks that are considered to have the divine spirit,The basic principle of the original initiation is the theme of death and rebirth according to the seasons...Like wine Reflecting mythical and cultural ground "magic potion" Swarms of bees withi…

Heritage in shell

EMBROIDERY (knitting thread color) Easter eggs is one of the ancient technique of decorating Easter eggs in Croatian continental areas...thusin our country is transmitted verbal messages heritage and traditions.normal that sometimes do not agree with all of the claims because Read through the ages people are constantly conquer new territories and to this or their styles of thinking, behavior, industry, policy, crafts, skills, weaving and all what is needed for the development of a society.
Sometimes called pioneers and conquerors once or migrant..
Travel around the world in a short way and that through the internet trying in their own way the sources of our roots associated with other people or forests.
tired because of certain usurping and mentions the praise of authenticity over anything from the history of other people that are in our combined on a little different way  at least one thread as the signature of an artist.
who he is andwhen you the tailor of his life? Normally I'm …

See You in the Morning

However, since this is a low or no-budget blog we let departures to various topics, it is unusual expression of my not  writing I in such abundance we are not in a plural unless much stronger senses of my mind, understanding and thinking..
Allowed herself opening mummified carriage through the history of literature events in English literature.
Diana Norman (25 August 1933 – 27 January 2011) was a British author and journalist. She is best known for her historical crime fiction.
Norman was born Mary Diana Narracott in London. She was moved to Devon by her family to escape the blitz. Her father was a journalist, and she followed this profession until moving to the countryside to "bring up two daughters, study medieval history, and write". She also published historical mystery books under the pen name Ariana Franklin, featuring the fictional medieval pathologist Adelia Aguilar.

“A daughter,' Rowley scooped up the child and held her high. The baby blinked from sleep and crowe…

recommendation for the Liverpool Art College

Imagine #JohnLennon#Creative#Streetart | Be ▲rtist - Be ▲rt — Be ▲rtist Be ▲rt (@BeArtist_BeArt) September 12, 2016 Imagine John Lennon, Plastic Ono Band Imagine there's no heaven
It's easy if you try
No hell below us
Above us only sky
Imagine all the people
Living for today... Aha-ah... Imagine there's no countries
It isn't hard to do
Nothing to kill or die for
And no religion, too
Imagine all the people
Living life in peace... You... You may say I'm a dreamer
But I'm not the only one
I hope someday you'll join us
And the world will be as one Imagine no possessions
I wonder if you can
No need… JohnWinstonOnoLennon(Liverpool, October 9,1940-New York, December 8,1980)Englishmusician,composer,songwriter,singerandguitarist ofthe most popularbandsof the 20th century,the Beatles.