a woman on a mission

¨¨¨maybe this will be a little boring post but for some it will be very interesting; the weight of the task * high..
Dating from the old techniques of handmade specific purpose items;accident pictures found on old dvd from 2009...¨¨did not about football and literature despite the fact that I finally opened and began to read certain text.As the days flow is normal that each person deals with other matters in daily life ..
of households to high contemplative and creative ideas and small joy .

Sometimes decisions have to be strong, especially if you make losses, nervousness, lack of creativity or form any disappointments chili concerns.For those who are unfamiliar or not I closed my little Esty trade-I do not plan on the Internet to lose my best years of life without some excellent Results ..
No it's not my failures, but I do not plan to maintain the site and pay only for the sake of some galleries ..with some things are sometimes agree but some are never calm..
I went in a bit philosophical grudge water..how is said that * time out * or stand on ball)how I wanted this to properly write and translate ..meaning is sometimes lost but it is all very well.
No, I did not the lady of Selfie; nor the entertainer  and much less playboy bunny ...leaning towards the arts, human society and events, forever worried helping hand..lately I required some small non-refundable loans character, the system - which on catch (when the hook). or  kune or cigarette and front and at the health center;(I look like an adult; the nose when the nose *or what is my overall view live look like?Does it say on my forehead greener!

Let's go to another topic¨¨Weaving Freeform Wire Jewelry or Fine Art Wire Weaving

My new levels and techniques
what I recommend ...
hard, looking for good material..
unplanned wandered towards  in that direction broke my fingers with a wire of 0.3 mm;(
of course need a needle and wire
this is the final appearance*
Materials purchased something in Croatian and some purchased from Ebay
and this is my second story * my work 3D Bracelet Jig
created for my need and cost savings of at least 10 Dollar*

the original looks like this
about it another time¨¨

This is uneconomical to make just for fun¨¨