cuisine: Japrak on my croatian way

How to Make Dolma (Grape Leaves Roll)

Boiled or stewed Bosnian dishes are mostly soft as predominantly cooked and stewed with a little water, generally of soup-stock, and hence have a natural juice or sauce, which in itself does not at all roux and oriental spices in small quantities, and they do not reduce the sweetness and flavor of the meat. In BiH, the kitchen generally no special sauces, but they create a meal based soups and supplements during cooking or at the end.

Bosnian dishes, most are completely natural, with plenty of vegetables, fruits, milk and dairy products, such as spinach, cabbage, eggplant, tomato, zucchini, green onions, carrots, parsley, celery, leek (Prasa), beans, rice , green sweet peppers, plums, quince, sweet and sour milk, sour cream, sweet and sour cream, etc.

/napokon sam isprobala jelo na moj način*,veoma ukusno" iako nisam probala originalnu verziju od nekog šefa kuhara;naravno prema meni bi moglo biti i malo oštriji ukus ali kad niste gladni nekako nije ni poželjno degustirati jela.Slučajno ove godine je posađena muškom rukom jedna loza ove godine nema plodova pa sam iz radoznalosti poželjela iskoristiti koji vinovi list za ovaj recept./

I finally tried the food on my way *, very tasty, "although I did not try the original version of a chief cook, of course, to me it might be a little sharper taste but when you are not hungry anyway is not desirable taste jela.Slučajno this year was planted by a man one vine this year, no fruit, so out of curiosity I wanted to take advantage of the grape leaf in this recipe.
natural flavors depend on the choice of meat, individuals can not be used to eat sauerkraut I replace him with a sweet but fresh sheets must also only a little boil in salted water or steamed;amount of spice if you want the original recipe requires measuring and calculating norms at every professional chef.

The most common spices in the kitchen are the Bosnian pepper and red paprika and oriental spices are added in small quantities.
of course I tried some of it but mostly permeated Greek cuisine*
These are recipes for special occasions
The word dolma means vegetables filled with rice or minced meat.

Dolma - peppers, most common
Sogan dolma - with onions
Eggplant dolma - with aubergines
Zucchini dolma - with zucchini
Cucumber dolma - with cucumbers

Sarma is a dish of minced or chopped meat and mostly rice wrapped in pickled cabbage leaf or vine (japrak).
Dolma (Ottoman Turkish طولمه,) is a verbal noun of the Turkish verb dolmak, "to be stuffed," and means "stuffed (thing)." Dolma is a stuffed vegetable, that is, a vegetable that is hollowed out and filled with stuffing. This applies to zucchini, tomato, pepper, eggplant, and the like; stuffed mackerel, squid, and mussel are also called dolma.

Dishes involving wrapping leaves such as vine leaves or cabbage leaves around a filling are called sarma, though in many languages the distinction is usually not made.

Dolma without meat is sometimes called Yalancı dolma 'fake dolma' and Turkish.
 Day tomorrow * review
after we tried some prescription decision was made that this is not practiced in my kitchen; reasons more menu fits grapes on vines that can be divided and the small world that lives in nature.

My cuisine is simple, tasty with certain spices and appropriate economic situations, natural as much as I have natural access to certain Foods.

personality, character and genetics and sometimes health point at the direction of the human nutrition should go, sometimes we can not follow the recommendations pyramid way of feeding.