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gray hairs in my head

I'm not sure I'm in the mood for some writing * start shortly and finished at length ..
what has that which is *
My life has turned into a strange form of life, not high leg on legs  *(about high society)
I do not want life to me non-stop attack in my ass or spine or to name my brain*.
I apologize for the global population that can not write about children's books, such as the story of Bambi and Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs eternal struggle for eternal fighters and migrants in different ways..
We are  not Internet bugs because we exist on earth and in society as ordinary people Although it sounds strange rest of the people are not familiar with more than a couple of million people wrote and narrates this way as I do.*
I hope you do not confuse what I fill labels on this blog so-called Journal or live interactive book.*
*How my day begins," somewhat sleepy with bitter coffee and the music on the TV screen..a person who practices unconventional lifestyle, according to a letter life confronts entrenched moral and cultural norms or expectations of the wider community.*In the strict sense did not bohemian, avant-garde or hippie or a person so-called outsider and for the so-called semi-literate probably I am.

what people can grasp?
what for gray hair in my head in the early maturity?
or at least Ten years younger at least still in the soul*
honestly differentiate as people from the mainland to the heart..
We raised this yesterday at the library/I have not yet opened for certain reasons..
somewhat randomly taken from the shelves with the desire to relax with a book*
The Thousandfold Thought 2006
briefly on the author*
 Bakker graduated in Literature at the University of Western Ontario, and for a time (almost to the end of study) studied philosophy. At the time, intensively dealt with the history and extinct languages.

Of course, with serious study, Bakker was played D & D and regularly was Dungeonmaster. He tried to prepare well and really present only its players, and so came up with the idea that I write stories.

In interviews states that a fan of Tolkien, whose trilogy also influenced his work and the establishment of condi- Eärwe. In addition to fiction, which Bakker true love, last year released and techno - thriller "Neuropath".

Croatia's public Bakker best known as the author of a stunning trilogy "The Prince of Nothing"

Normally it is more established when someone writes with the addition of titles before names (I'm not talking about this writer) a little about me/unknown gray dove or John Doe..or G.I. Jane for some*.
What doing someone per us average but per se more of it?
Permission to write or public declaration*
Hamlet LIFE DILEMMA˝ To be or not to be- that is the question.-Is prouder the human mind all slingshotAnd arrows violent fateSubmit il grab a weapon,Resist the sea of ​​misery endDo?die- sleep, nothing more!I asleep cease heart painAnd yet natural thousands` earthquake.What heritage are body- this is the placeDo you wish you could live! Die- I usnut- fall asleep- even dream perhaps?Nowadays, it is all a nuisance. For substances, whichThe death that the dream we can handleProvincial if torments shake,Nowadays, this is what we hand stopsAnd that is why the troubleDugovječna.Jer who would otherwiseBear wanted the world whipsI ridicule the power of the oppressorAnd the shame and ridicule people proudAnd the pain that love china despisedI sluggishness of justice, pride authoritiesI blame in the silent meritSince when can sluggard suffer-I therefore scribe your account to calm down?And who would load carried in sweatAnd groaning under the weight of lifeWhen not blurred we will fearOf something after death, a countryUndiscovered, which noWith borders does not return,This love shall submit all these evilsNo escape in unknown.soThinking makes us a coward,These terrible natural colorFaded all of deserted brainstorming,A huge and important ideasFrom the course of his so outAnd lose the name of act.˝
sentenced visit at night and during the day to be in flames
 This is not a hijacked Journal for which a bogus website has been created by a malicious third party for the purpose of fraudulently offering the opportunity to rapidly publish their research online for fee.*or con artist - a swindler who exploits the confidence of his victim*

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