Heritage in shell

EMBROIDERY (knitting thread color) Easter eggs is one of the ancient technique of decorating Easter eggs in Croatian continental areas...thus in our country is transmitted verbal messages heritage and traditions.normal that sometimes do not agree with all of the claims because Read through the ages people are constantly conquer new territories and to this or their styles of thinking, behavior, industry, policy, crafts, skills, weaving and all what is needed for the development of a society.
Sometimes called pioneers and conquerors once or migrant..
Travel around the world in a short way and that through the internet trying in their own way the sources of our roots associated with other people or forests.
tired because of certain usurping and mentions the praise of authenticity over anything from the history of other people that are in our combined on a little different way  at least one thread as the signature of an artist.
who he is and when you the tailor of his life?
Normally I'm not running away from literature currently washed by rain gray problems*
but we went back on the art of working with yarn
no matter how hard I tried, and defied the powers and knowledge that I can*This is not a small woman, despite the power of nature..
believe it or not the above tells me constantly that my eggs are not a form of expression .
just know that we have every traveler and travel writer brought new insights from around the world,from ice cream from distant China to silk ,Colombo, Marco Polo, even Darwin..
I'm trying to find the right thread *I have silk with a shiny plastic threads that with strong moves to breaks and white cotton..
happy scene
no that's not it, end of the stage
a lot of effort, money and materials
I'm not a kamikaze -this way of making a master of the Olympic gold, I do not have a thread tensioner;thread inappropriate very thin and sensitive-2 mm beads glass and weaving with a needle.
difficult to count the threads and beads on Schedule..
This is another story, embroidery on canvas with beads...
hands full of plans as well as soul,question about to be*
generally not a ghost town on this page;it's nice to share.