place where the Throne of Zeus was located

Pantheon  was the venue where all the fiery discussions among the deities *

There are moments or days when we and they are not inclined, or note that we have gone too far in business or that it's time to move beyond the needle and thread..
Who do I mention modest and whom to rely, and modestly think except that sometimes force that carries our soul in a certain direction or takes our hand as a tool in the name of the society.
day like any strengthening of events and miracles, a little TV, a few coffee and a thousand reflections of the creative works sometimes a  to rapid flow(a steady, continuous stream of something)
At least, that I am one of his works is completed in a few days rather than a few hours, however, too much burden and spend my body..

anyone who needs to be the muse in this case, and muses are necessary muse¨¨naively testimony through my blog about art and social events around us-where with my work encourage others, sometimes not looking good tidings Under the Rainbow...golden jar or golden fur..
new work defying with a small Spartans
colors are cheerful and motive somewhat blurry in my vision
whether these are flowers or another world*
Can not you paint and dont You use black as a color edge-beading motives for some experience*
more accustomed to tempera or a combination of white tempera with water colors*
geometric understood forms with new meaning color?
Postimpressionists Paul Cezanne spoke (on the model and the most renowned names manuals for artists) to everything that exists in nature, art can display basic figures (cube, sphere, cylinder, cone). Reconciliation of irregular shapes on the correct shape, the natural geometry, one of the oldest methods of man mastering the visible world (eg, irregular groups of stars we recognize the geometric constellations). Often considered the geometrical "idealization" nature path to the discovery of the very idea of nature, and so is trying to figure out whether a painter of geometric laws of nature, his picture will be better than a mere imitation of nature. So, some artists are so simplified form that are eg. The house become like ordinary cubes (cubes). Name Cubism gave Henri Matisse, who is the Braque landscapes said: "Look piled dice!" (Coubis).
finally completed painting
start has nothing to do with this because I went to a certain direction is not being planned
as muses to herself*
Of course that missing Frame;This is approximately to make it look framed,has a certain dimension and a particular style.
when I write about a different artist and his Works*offer was on Facebook and my e-mail *who wants to present itself to you as part of the wider society free to join to me*
I myself like a little break themes **