Rosegal 8

Rosegal 8

Rosegal 8 by novalikarida featuring a zipper trousers

Nostalgia for a lady and be presentable for certain events, perhaps this is not your choice of color or clothing but at the moment or for a little grimmer time enough appropriate,prices and brands that are accessible to certain people in a certain way of combining choice,Shoes of course you may not be appropriate but it is if you are female drivers of cars a little impossible, or you must have a personal driver or husband.Maybe you did not expect my post or description along with the published image but that could be a good practice.As far as my descriptions recognized not go into too much part of your stylists but the any good opinion is worth gold.This is a sign that the very desire for changes but the mode of dress depends on your business or profession or this combination, you can choose to go to the movies or a restaurant..The conclusion that this is not for any fall or cooler weather because it is still ruled by the sun and heat;but the of course choices are variations.

77 HRK -

120 HRK -

Zipper trousers
125 HRK -

Suede leather shoes
165 HRK -

Suede fringe sandals
165 HRK -

Handbags tote bag
110 HRK -

Olivia Burton thin dial watch
830 HRK -

Set ring
40 HRK -