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However, since this is a low or no-budget blog we let departures to various topics, it is unusual expression of my not  writing I in such abundance we are not in a plural unless much stronger senses of my mind, understanding and thinking..
Allowed herself opening mummified carriage through the history of literature events in English literature.
The Mistress of the Art of Death
Diana Norman (25 August 1933 – 27 January 2011) was a British author and journalist. She is best known for her historical crime fiction.
Norman was born Mary Diana Narracott in London. She was moved to Devon by her family to escape the blitz. Her father was a journalist, and she followed this profession until moving to the countryside to "bring up two daughters, study medieval history, and write". She also published historical mystery books under the pen name Ariana Franklin, featuring the fictional medieval pathologist Adelia Aguilar.

“A daughter,' Rowley scooped up the child and held her high. The baby blinked from sleep and crowed with him. 'Any fool can have a son,' he said. 'It takes a man to conceive a daughter.”
― Ariana Franklin, The Serpent's Tale

Of course I'm a little something familiar to the Croatian way of teaching the world's historical heritage through which we get only a small base of the continents as well as historical events*Crusades and politicians throughout history of civilization of Europe.Everything on my way turns into a small research to comparisons  what is true and what is added fictional creations alchemy of free speech 12 century.

I have not moved so far a 150 page is now dependent on the translation  I read in the Croatian language and do not know the form written in English.(I can read in English)

what it says-a world that is partially known 12.century, kings and servants, policy and turmoil,witches and the crusades,diseases of mankind,the development of science and inclusion of women..

Plantagenet dynasty was an English dynasty of French roots. It was founded by Gottfried in Count Anjou, known as Plantagenet for branch plants of Cytisus scoparius (then known in Latin as planta genista) he always carried in his hat.(small reminder of the roots)
The king, Henry VII, and his son, Henry VIII, deliberately uzrokavali extinction Plantagenet dynasty to consolidate its power. Henry VII had ordered the execution maloumnog Eduard, 17 Earl of Warwick and 7th Earl of Salisbury, in 1499. This dynasty was doomed to extinction, which finally happened death Warwick sister and successor, beatified Margaret, Countess of Salisbury 8, whose execution ordered Henry VIII.

/a very important person in our history /
Thomas Becket, also known as Thomas Becket (London around 1118. - Canterbury 29 December 1170) was Archbishop of Canterbury from 1,162th to 1,170th He came into conflict with King Henry II. defending the rights and privileges of the Church. He was killed by royal followers in Canterbury Cathedral. The Catholic Church honors him as a saint.18 April 1161 died Theobald, and the Capitol, which had to elect a new archbishop, against the will of its members obey the king's wishes and chooses Thomas Becket new Archbishop. Most historians agree that the Becket unsuccessfully begged the king to go further insists, because he can not serve two masters. In May he was elected archbishop and consecration was 3 June 1162. In the schism which divided the Catholic Church, Becket sided with the Pope Alexander III. Following the policy of this Pope, advocated the exemption of the Church of every civil jurisdiction. The king responded quickly, and has called clerics in Westminster (1 October 1163), where he asked for their abandonment of such requests. Archbishop Thomas remained firm in its position, which forced the king to compromise. This finally ended the friendship of two men.
Thomas Becket was born in London between 1115 and 1120. year, although most sources mention 21 December 1118 as the date of his birth. His parents belonged to the upper middle class.

When he was ten, he began with the study of civil and canon law at Merton Priory in England and on the Continent, in Paris, Bologna and Auxerre. After returning to England, the Archbishop of Canterbury Teobald entrusted him with carrying out more important mission in Rome, and it finally appointed Archdeacon of Canterbury and provost of Beverly. Finally the Becket, mediation Teobaldovim, and became Lord Chancellor of King Henry II.

Henry, like all the English monarchs Norman origin, sought to reduce the privileges of clerics in his kingdom. In the beginning of the Becket faithfully carrying out royal duties, so much so that he began to do part of the king's constant escort, not only in official occasions, but also in leisure.

Henry II., Gave even his son Henry to be raised in Becketovu home.

English literature. Crime novels

Annotation England Henry II (end is restless, zaostaola and insecure country, but when in Cambridge in a row for the murder of children who are accused Jews, the main fillers royal treasury, I'm the king decides to find the culprits. From sunny and advanced Sicilian kingdom to help him arrive unusual trio - Jew Simon of Naples, Maori eunuch and beautiful "lady of death," Dr. Adelia Aguilar.Prisiljena hide their identity that is not declared a witch, Adelia must use courage and cunning, not only to fulfill the obligation to which it is forced to, but also to save his own life. The first in a series of novels about medieval forensic combines the best of modern forensics with detailed historical research, and we hope that our publisher cheers and extensions.

Since the early Middle Ages there was a sound idea about the relationship between diseases and sins: Pope Gregory I said that the plague of 590 was God's punishment . The church felt that God sometimes sends diseases among people as a kind of punishment and the remorse that the only effective way to health. So, in the early Middle Ages there was a certain prejudice against the practice of medicine, which is considered a profession unworthy of a true Christian. The doctor thought a person closely associated with magic and shamanism, which actively resists the will of God to punish people disease. The only real doctor believed Jesus Christ (Christus Medicus), and therapy was God's grace.
At the beginning of the 4th century, Christianity was the religion of the minority, which is mostly represented in urban areas. Only in the following centuries Christianity spread in rural areas where it would interfere with folk medicine based on pagan customs and practices. Roman invasion in late antiquity and the early Middle Ages brought new pagan customs , which were in conflict with Christian doctrine.

At the time of the Crusades, the Christian is nobility in the Holy Land has spread particularly gruesome custom. For nobleman who died in the fight, there was the obligation of burial in the family plot, together with the ancestors. Since it was practically impossible to arrange transport home, the dead body shredding and cook to easily separate the soft tissue of the bone. The bones were then preparing in wooden boxes and transmitted the first opportunity in their homeland [18]. Some members of the nobility even gave an order to his servants that they dismember the body after death and body parts burial in holy places or with the tombs of saints. Pope Boniface VIII. declared such practices wicked, brutal and barbaric and decided to ban them and as punishment ordered excommunication from the Catholic Church. It is clear that the church did not have a document for the purpose of blocking knowledge in medicine, there is no ban on the practice of surgery.

when the truth is not in a centuries sickness*

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