trace roe deer

This can be like this and write through the dust and the wild little wandering and enjoying our natural environment in which they far I have 100 times wanted to have a large lens of professional photography as well as the speed of their observations and shooting..slightly despite the proximity of the little cultivated wild nature as women sometimes feel fear because I met a couple of times with fox a few meters away from her ..I am tame but how wild animals react to not want to meet.But in the same moment I would not want the hunters the hunt for fun .. they enter into her the natural habitat..and other smaller and larger animals .
This was just a walk through nature for me and my dog *how preserve the physical and mental fitness"

dog will not let off the leash is not trained,I keep it from ticks, rubbing on various secretions...
This is a forest Rosinjača;unknown and never enter into it to ..
 I'm not a hunter but I recognize some of the tracks*
whether the deer passed before the the foxes?
I wish though that they both live ..

how not enjoy every respect*

Here I spent my whole life;  childhood,Picking wildflowers ,watching and counting forms clouds,watching butterflies and a variety of birds..

whether we will manage to preserve ..
this look alive and healthy*