Una storia importante

Youth is spent dealing with the occasional acting and dreaming of a music career. 1981 is reported to the competition musical talents with the song "Rock 80", which he later secured first contract with a record company.
In short I think I was too young in those years, 1980¨¨I just started first grade, as the kids just did not have the money to buy cassettes..or cassette player..
I think it's introduction to his works began in 1985, but that I managed to save money for that ... his album of that year ..I, I can not remember.
Probably give up snacks or sweets because they were starting to buy and teenage magazines..there were various posters of musicians..
it is difficult sometimes to explain the passions and tastes to glazbi..ne screaming at him as a handsome young man, but as a great singer.How Italy and the Italian language and music *I think I'm the same year bought a tape of the Gipsy Kings;..rhythm, warmth, tenderness, beautiful verses ..Of course I'm probably the only one here listening to music in the range of 100 km..I'm talking about a young girl in 1985* is not the year 2016.It is like the question the first time you tasted a pizza :?

I will not write about its history because it's all backwards from 1980. to now written in several ways;nor is this my bibliography..nice little Peter Pan moments no one harm*