Victorian decanters and a tantalus

¨¨biti kažnjen tako da si do vrata  u hladnoj vodi, a iznad glave  grane s prekrasnim voćnim plodovima. Kad god bi poželio ubrati plod, grane bi se izmakle. Kad god bi poželio popiti hladne vode, voda bi se povukla.¨¨

¨¨be punished so that you-to-door in cold water, and overhead branches with beautiful fruit fruits. Whenever she wanted to pick the fruit, the branches would be eluded. Whenever he wanted a drink of cold water, the water would be withdrawn.¨¨¨

Do children know that we women our fathers and mothers talk and called my son*The reasons are numerous, as well as support to our strength and lifelong assistance;holders of the four walls of the pyramid called dear life humanly.
What is this woman than intoxicating effect of the drinks that are considered to have the divine spirit,The basic principle of the original initiation is the theme of death and rebirth according to the seasons...Like wine Reflecting mythical and cultural ground "magic potion" Swarms of bees within the tradition are pure life force..It is often portrayed and how to hold the golden arrow to remind the eros, feeling all the love that inspires and sew,Dressed in a robe embroidered with stars on their eyes ..

immortal, more or less invulnerable and able to become invisible and travel at the speed of light, and live on Mount Olympus.
¨¨According to historical theory, all the people in the mythology used to be human beings, and the legends and fantastic features accessories are later time..
the already existing social system, which must be corrected, not demolish