Why are good * tears especially from women as subject and inspiration of painters...
At tears as signs of weakness. We cry because we are sad, unfortunate, because there is pain ...
Poets would describe it differently and I like women, I started too manly express*- good qualities traditionally associated with men, such as courage and strength;perhaps too toughen of shock waves on the rock and slaps gale..."
/and looked a picture of tears, hen and cherry blossoms and the written message * rather paint a sweat instead of tears and tear wipe their hands/*-¨¨Now I'm brave and determined and what tomorrow will bring (someone crying outside someone on the inside)-Cold insensitive how the dead and the living walk on top of the ground, how to understand painting or prose words that are written, and a sense of meaninglessness..

In our life, it is important to only one thing and that is to live your destiny and mission that we were assigned.

*When something you decide, you need to know to live with the problems that this decision carries, even though you do not know what's the trouble. Jesus says, "Thy will be done" and know that if this decision has a problem, and has its solution.*

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