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This image was taken with the other media;Democratic societies are characterized by the coexistence of the three sectors: public (state), private (market) and civil (civil society). In short, civil society are citizens who are active and feel free to get involved in all spheres of social institute civil society was seen as a fad citizens, utopian idea of some democracies, the cure for too protective of the state; Sometimes it sees civil society as the opposition to the current government and function watch events (watchdog) the public perceived as negative, but it is evident that civil society plays an important role especially in the young democracy. Civil society organizations are closely associated with the modern welfare state. When we speak of the welfare state, we think of a country that their activities work towards ensuring a minimum standard of all its citizens, as well as providing other assistance to those who can not provide themselves.

The biggest problem is funding, volunteer forces always find and collaborate with love was a man or a dog in need of love and support;States are sometimes declared as something insignificant (less important) because with some ministries already participating in these types of Protection;by some human law that is something nobler than itself suffering of animals or people...

discussions on the subject saying the political ideas lost their enthusiasm and inspiration and that the welfare state should be given a new wing and it civil society. Privacy third way involves society with active citizenship (active citizenship).

Of scientific point of view, and the man should be considered as an animal. Biology behavior showed that animals on a higher stage of development using the complicated patterns of behavior and certain signs that call and speaking animals (voting, facial expressions, etc.). In addition to man, and some animals have shown, at least implicitly, the ability to abstract thinking. However, unless the man is not known either kind of animal that could create a "highly developed" culture. The distinction that in most languages there are between humans and animals, scientifically speaking, is not sustainable.
There are several types of euthanasia: -dobrovoljna - euthanasia, which is done at the request of a patient who is able to make a competent decision -nedobrovoljna - if the patient is a person who is able to make a competent decision (newborn, a person in a coma ...), but instead this is done by another person (parent, spouse, guardian) -pasivna euthanasia - when euthanasia enforced omission of treatment (ie, untreated, unplugging appliances, cessation of therapy), the patient leaves die are active euthanasia - the process by which a person directly causes death (fatal Injection)

Euthanasia must be distinguished from a medical or medically assisted suicide in the latter case it is a procedure in which the doctor put at the disposal of the patient means that you will end his life or his counsel help us to do so.

Euthanasia of animals is allowed, when suffering great pain, but can not be helped.

There are organizations and animal protection. Among the most famous are: the Association of Citizens for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), World Wide Fund for Wildlife (WWF), World Society for the Protection of animals (WSPA), and in Croatia in this area in order to Animal Friends.
There are many laws to protect animals and their environment from harmful human activity. Sometimes it comes to the protection of disrupting the natural balance and loss of habitat, and sometimes on protection against unethical conduct and abuse of animals. The decision by the European Convention for the protection and welfare of animals, and in Croatia "Animal Protection Act" (Official Gazette 135/06) and a set of rules.

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