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you did not fancy*human factor

review of contemporary issues which in recent decades increasingly engaged scientists and theorists of different profiles and on the occasion that the issue of more publications*

I thought it would FEW DAYS departure from INTERNET allow me CHARGING THE BATTERY AND SPIRITUAL RELAXATION*And when you turn on the computer and AN E MAIL*I did not expect SURPRISING mail...SORRY PEOPLE WHAT YOU THROUGH MY PHONE OR INTERNET not earning money from MY POCKET*..I AM NOT starlet who knows SELL pictures of your crotch OR boobs for a few million dollars..NORMAL I also have undesirable SOMETIMES angry reactions.
Nor am I big tits  OR big dick, ON THE INTERNET**

I am interested  ON THE WORD FROM WHICH ALWAYS TURNING ON TV gossip **you did not fancy*..You can imagine***WORD reserved for POKER FACE*

imagination, fancy, phantasy
tendency, propensity, inclination, affinity, penchant, fancy

desire, wish, want, appetite, fancy, desirability ,
whim, fad, caprice, fancy, vagary, quirk illusion, mirage, trick, fanc…
Of course  on thecompany'sproposal-Facebook/Ideletethe decision tosave anywhat Icreated/all myfrom YouTubetransferred tomy propertytomyComputer *butof courseif you are connectedto theGoogleaccountandblogspotlose allthesethingswith whichyou were editing your blogandgoogle+* 0:00 HD Captions More Settings Video Unavailable Sorry, this video could not be played. Learn More Unfortunately your video couldn't be posted There's nothing to worry about - it's because the video may contain music, audio or a video clip that belongs to someone else:
"Serenade in G Major, K. 525, 'Eine kleine Nachtmusik': I. Allegro" by Herbert von Karajan
You may be able to post the video if you have the rights, otherwise you can delete the video.
Delete VideoMore Options How would I know if I have the rights? Murmur Art Unfortunately we couldn't post the video you uploaded. There's nothing to worry about - it's because the video contains mus…

pilgrimage to the heart

open the book you silly woman head *
who would have thought that the women themselves in this way are sent thoughtful message?..
*not all just occasional with a different approach to certain aspects of life on Mars called Earth;(
I choose a little difficult historical topics through some called bestsellers novels, teach reading and knows the weight of humankind..First of all this I have spent time on some little things that I used to be angry but simply must be executed to make life as such had its function ..
reporting on the social network, for example ..friendship can not to deepen / broaden to something better..*housework are a piece of cake well as going to the grocery Shopping..simple dishes and cooking as well as cost savings.What I did last night, well I'm not a nun*but I'm not a sinner* ..for someone in constant motion bit erotic entanglements and controversies with a partner stands alone on my way..little sensitive to the cold but I have other thi…

silent gem

No matter how much spirit and acumen possessed, in two days the character of some women still will not investigate enough to gain her love. New picture painted last night, with a hidden philosophical story you should know to read;sometimes works and publications, to stir up the dust, so it settles and it was mostly all..
"at the very beginning takes on a certain shape and a story that with brush and paint constantly expanding on paper..a bit rough and raw awaiting processing and end.

After a few hours of it in connection with this picture taking stupid cell phone to perpetuate  eye  and view of the camera are two different views of this work.. Sensoryexperience,intellectgivesform,butthe wayknowledgeis derived fromsensation,goingthroughthe mindthatthe argumentsreasoningon the nature. "and artificial light do not get a good result because it shows a photo in a completely different tone colors..
so go back to the very beginning and I think I'm a bit too far and wen…

mali znak pažnje

seven myths about the bump in our spine

should be understood as the result of a process in which a stake and heart and soul, and all that man is determined* still the one that I am;lady* I believe that life is like a river, and that the majority of people jumping into the river never really deciding where they want to end up. And so for a very short time they are caught in a stream: current events, current fears, current challenges. When you get to the point where the river forks, they do not consciously decide where they want to go or what direction their suits. They simply "go to them water bears". They become part of the crowd by directing events instead of their own values. Therefore, feel they have no control. They remain in the unconscious until they one day wakes up the furious sound of water. Then reveal that there are two meters from Niagara Falls in a boat without oars. At this point, they say, "Oh, hell!" But it's too late. They are about to fall. Sometimes it's emotional decline. Some…

Técnica de la Filigrana

Let's briefly run through the day, I'm getting ready to snooze*
if I start from the end or the beginning of the day?
Filigree is one of the techniques used in making jewelry, as a rule, is carried out exclusively in silver or gold and the appearance of these objects are reminiscent of some sort of lace*.
the result is great but I have 50 kuna (Croatian currency)less in my pocket-buying glue, jute thread x 2 pieces.(how to save-notbuysnacks,notconsumejuices,not buyalcohol,nosweets)

Filigree made of jute for decorative purposes on my way*whymust bespent kunaandsomething newmade?*except thatupset,constantlylearn aboutnew techniques.(Thusnotevery day-andI haveother occupations)I readconstantlyandnot onlyaboutliterature..
I wanted to make a bowl but did not know how much strength I get with adhesive so everything went normally in the other direction*
after the separation of the smooth surface you get something like this"
* * application on a glass bottle with a little improvemen…

to produce noble offspring

I woke up from a half-sleep, holding a book in my hands ..I read two or three pages of The sins of Borgia family to get in again in a half sleep, luckily I took a strap pink color so that every time I recorded where to continue reading..What to say about the book or its contents; it's a little lengthy in some way is not bad ... but the decision has to be read to the end and I will not recount or in a way to describe and process a shorter version of its content*
Book of Esther(one part of the book is also headed)
part of a paragraph*
"Could you say that I am lonely because this would soften the heart towards the recognition,but it would not be true, so I will tell you to see your heart like an island in a cold lake.When the lake freezes, you can get close to him, but you risk the strand, and the island is inhospitable desert where they live Basilisks,not a forest meadow by which running unicorns.
I do not intend to hunt virgins, Violante"
But Galen says that the heart is ju…

mosaic fairy tale

Here I am again today here surprisingly;if it is Saturday I woke up very early and in some ways has to fill day..
#some skeletons out of the closet a little chopped and turned into a very useful thing's nice when you know that something makes sense.(normally freaking out when work is not finished*)
painted glass from bottles that were supposed to have a purpose, not just one piece of that ..more*

thus ending mismatched ceramic coffee cups and hand painted glass without purpose;pliers in the handsotherwise not for this purpose or persons engaged in certain works of art and other tools found meaning in the absence of real application. whether in the case of ceramic cutting into smaller pieces depends on the thickness thrives:Moreover, we found a way of bonding and to which we will set up a small mosaic. this is like the one that appears before gluing and creating a work of art*
perhaps for some art, some recycling, a few smart heads, a new way to express * A mosaic is a piece …

time for change

this timeon a newhair coloras well asthe independent development ofhomemadehaircut*
"it is not athriftmoreway to maintaina certaineverydaystylethat givesshapeone'spersonality**despite the  ma youthfulexpressionholdingout onmysmallwaymyowncansas far ashairandhairdressing.I can notbea libertarianopenat least asfar asher-hair issilkyandthinandflat-defined naturalcolorwhichissometimesmonotonous..Sometimesa lookin the mirrordoes not create adaffodilora viewtowardsmy faceandmindin a different way..the red colorboilinmy veinsbutasthe haircolordoes notit's me*
I did not daregoin thecolorsgrunge/-Ombrewouldespeciallyblack andgraytomeprobablystrangeandinappropriatelooked..howsavemyyearwiththe rest of thepartsthat makea womanmy age?

some time agoI worea medium lengthasymmetricalbobwithoutbangs;a few monthsthere was novisitsto the hairdressernorhair coloring*the backisshorter byhalf the length ofthefrontacts as asemi-longbob,do not usehairspray, so Idecided tokeep mybangsand toshape the…

something for brunettes

something for brunettes od murmurartificers sadrži Alexis Bittar Chloé silk blouse
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Moschino pants
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Jimmy Choo black shoes
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Gucci man bag
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Alexis Bittar earrings
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Gucci eyeshadow brush
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Lipsy perfume fragrance
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Hair styling tool
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