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happy origami

"¨¨as is sometimes hard to find the right title  ...My needle is not the locomotive if my fingers are working with special adhesive..This girl does not like sticky fingers ... and I repeated to myself a couple of dozens of times ..
may I ask a few questions?
What is it about¨¨

 My paper filigree Art Murmur

strips of paper that are rolled, shaped, and glued together to create decorative designs. The paper is rolled, looped, curled, twisted and otherwise manipulated to create shapes which make up designs to decorate anything and in any way.
at my it's different in that I use collage of colored paper and not originally intended for this type of paper techniques;Besides the whole composition we gave a little assemblage-this is my first successful work.whether I will recommend that you deal with this technique, should be trained and familiar with primary Qilling shapes  and colors ; paper types, purposes and other materials used for this technique , adhesive techniques and the sculpture forms.

Preferably  be a pioneer in extended technique.

Of the tools I had just scissors, needle of a certain size, two types of glue (one paper another for all other Materials),paper collage something even paper from old catalog.
how much you are willing to set aside hours?

¨¨all dare to say that this is a piece of cake!
No it is not!
only after a few hours and the day after I started all designed in a faster way, without any particular motive*

and some time "because of sticky fingers have worked only one and the same shape but in different colors, until I found the newspaper dark blue that I was at that moment fit for what I well as the creation of small form I went to the larger.

and when in spite catch bad angle and lighting to take pictures of the object;the size of about 13 cm / plastic egg.(the story of a real egg-carving attempt-hyperborean-maybe that goose egg or ostrich)*
in reality looks like a masterpiece;something metal chains, bead,tiger's eye, obsidian, labradorite and has been to devise a podium for the first arm*
final result
cheerful spring
 whether I will continue in this direction ... vacation and thinking about it*