matter of policy arranged" marriage

issue is very important for every person and her personality *
The wedding ceremony*

Dear friends, you are in a church home
  that before the minister of the Church and from the community
  Lord sealed the sacred seal
  your desire to enter into marriage.
  Christ abundantly blesses your conjugal love.
  He has already consecrated holy baptism,
  and now you enriches and invigorates
  special sacrament
  to be faithful to each other permanently
  and to accept other double duty.
  That's why before the church ask about your thoughts.

in translation*
What has a on the ground girls?
question without consent"
I and I, did you come here without being forced to feel free and quite consciously enter into marriage?

Ready married all their lives to each other to love and respect?
 Are you prepared with love of God to receive the children and raise them according to the law of Christ and his Church?
Accepting consented"
May the Lord graciously confirm this our consent, What is made manifest before the church, and let them deign to fill you with my blessing. What God has joined together, let not man put asunder.
Lord works in mysterious ways*

let's talk about it

Start you perhaps a little strange or arranged with a certain reason or sense again is always there, on the marriage of consciousness itself and the marriage of writing about a variety of topics to the public through a blog*
Where are you this is going, what are the plans, how much is all this good for my life
This does not mean violates and breaks all the rules of society (#that people use for certain juiciness of expression")*
I'm a little timid herself in that expression and cautious innocent sharpened pencil..
how to translate that except civil society as part of first aid and protection¨¨
My awakening are still with this view in the early morning (when my window blinds are not closed)
not be nice to repeat from a post in the post but this is about us little women who speak out about life in a different way;all friction with whom we deal and proud of the success and not in cash *

how to be married to blogspot?

His male member would say *my wife where your salary?
she responds*
This is for the liberation of the soul and bread on earth we'll make my hands"
(It's hard to deal with writing and expose themselves to the society on this way*)
I can not say that the blog belongs to a nun" but if you want to know me by reading it extends long lifeline /depends from person how to read and  to which conclusion will come.
to me successfully rich" does not mean the normal orderly life;but normally I am not separate from life on earth-closed in a fairytale glass bell.(duties, obligations, payments....)
The number of followers;
someone else's conclusion*
where it is not crowded or attendance Not worth it to go back and read all the writing*

mature person knows what it says and how thinking*

maybe all this looks like a Roller coaster a bit of a strange ..
through the passion to recognize these heroes*