mosaic fairy tale


Here I am again today here surprisingly;if it is Saturday I woke up very early and in some ways has to fill day..
#some skeletons out of the closet a little chopped and turned into a very useful thing's nice when you know that something makes sense.(normally freaking out when work is not finished*)
painted glass from bottles that were supposed to have a purpose, not just one piece of that ..more*

thus ending mismatched ceramic coffee cups and hand painted glass without purpose;pliers in the hands otherwise not for this purpose or persons engaged in certain works of art and other tools found meaning in the absence of real application.
whether in the case of ceramic cutting into smaller pieces depends on the thickness thrives:Moreover, we found a way of bonding and to which we will set up a small mosaic.
this is like the one that appears before gluing and creating a work of art*

perhaps for some art, some recycling, a few smart heads, a new way to express *
A mosaic is a piece of art or image made from the assemblage of small pieces of colored glass, stone, or other materials. It is often used in decorative art or as interior decoration. Most mosaics are made of small, flat, roughly square, pieces of stone or glass of different colors, known as tesserae.
 way it looks my new work and activity; for it I used for the background of glass and wooden frame with stand*
 I only later triturated to a few millimeters pieces of glass and ceramics when all this was finished;little is colorful but because of stained glass and ways of breaking into pieces did not allow me to do any particular motive ..

glow glass and ceramics provide uniqueness of expression*/This was photographed before the end.

way it looks the surface;Not a typical flat glass mosaic or stained glass;just a little caution, of course I'm a bit damaged and cut  my fingers()*for finer expression there are certain knives, rulers and cutting Machines*
those who want to relax and have fun in this way are purchasing forms mosaic easier to apply and correct the shape and course of the glass; for those a little stiffer larger set ourselves the challenge*.