Naturally Stop caries themselves without a dentist

¨¨like any other little  cat normally moaned as from resentment as pain, mumbling and tootle like any other strange critter..address only serves to describe a frozen condition for a long time it is impossible to solve ..of course that each post should begin with a capital letter of the law under the new rules of grammar and the old that are already connected endings painted letters in a certain way.
*caries is solved with the help of doctors and our care of the teeth and in the translation we need a mouth guard for all of irresolvable smacks that reach us through our lives.Probably the rest of the prints from yesterday watched matches of local handball group in which game and my nephew-; To play, to win, to be fair, stay healthy, no one hurt *remain a friend and longtime coach and train in several groups of young people.Luckily I was not aware of the rules as judges because they would likely interfere in their work..let them all grow up the hard way and with time itself converted into the scale of reason.
This only happens after years of life experience and a certain maturity built some brakes and drives ..
Are you saying!
Today was easier than yesterday¨¨
For example I have a pencil sharpener or sometimes I use a scalpel or knife to sharpen a pencil¨¨
Most of the items I prepared myself still in my closet*I want to be separated from it all..But¨¨
the value of all investment "my cheek, pride, time, power¨¨hands, skills, thoughts, mind;Health.
loyalty to himself¨¨
I said pretty please *

Without a laurel wreath and a caesarean section¨¨
too modest that would thus won*or smart that I could live freely*
Prices for human life¨¨
High and low tide at sea and in the mainland ..
Old smart Methuselah would say!
you're a little nutty*
all of you and runs like sand through your fingers*
I know *and  that not only depend on me¨¨
But Worth!

and has a value and specificities"
She is true, a female; a woman¨¨but life is a fucking will, hope,desires, expectations,Odyssey, Trojan horse.*
long trip if you go to the fair way¨¨


be a balm for my wounds "Message to all my creations*