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seven myths about the bump in our spine

should be understood as the result of a process in which a stake and heart and soul, and all that man is determined*
still the one that I am;lady*
I believe that life is like a river, and that the majority of people jumping into the river never really deciding where they want to end up. And so for a very short time they are caught in a stream: current events, current fears, current challenges. When you get to the point where the river forks, they do not consciously decide where they want to go or what direction their suits. They simply "go to them water bears". They become part of the crowd by directing events instead of their own values. Therefore, feel they have no control. They remain in the unconscious until they one day wakes up the furious sound of water. Then reveal that there are two meters from Niagara Falls in a boat without oars. At this point, they say, "Oh, hell!" But it's too late. They are about to fall. Sometimes it's emotional decline. Sometimes the fall flesh. Sometimes it comes to financial decline. It is very likely that what you are currently burdened in life could be avoided better decisions upstream. "

like the Olympics: each trade, other people are watch, the third fight.
"Some of us give up on life, only with a resigned sigh. The second bit lines, and then the loss of hope. And the third - including me - never give up. We fight, fight and fight. We fight no matter the cost of battle, the losses sustained, the improbability of success. we fight to the end. it's not a question of courage. it's something in us, the inability of giving up. Maybe ordinary dumb hunger for life? "
(Life of Pi)
Yann Martel
Surrounded by an unknown and dangerous ocean where the borders empty horizon. No food. Without water. Without knowing where they are and what awaits them.
The whole day and night we climbed and fell, climbed up and fell, until terror is not passed in the monotony, and for him due to numbness and complete surrender. "
Lucky you, and maybe you are not, if you have never in my life did not have this feeling. But do not rejoice before time. Sort all, sooner or later. Life is like that. Here Pi in his fragile boat passes through the storm.
where he disappeared my zeal*
I was speechless and opening thoughts through my mouth, expression turned into bittersweet melancholy not only of themselves but of a variety of influences from the outside..once cheerful perky with hope; just only bedraggled cat.I'm not talking about some of his agony that you can call a closed broken limb armor..which animal has the thickest skin or armor; whether it survived in the 21 cenmtury..We people we are too tiny despite his wiry fight for lives.Often outside watching people simply may wonder with my big brown eyes..with questions and some knowledge ,curiosity and my forensic analysis to keep to himself ..classifying himself as the connoisseurs but not the pundits.But most freaking out because not endure dog tricks certain personality that people find food in it and their career advancement..the way this is my personal order them built in a way that if superficially read turns into a piece of garbage  but not in a meaningful message that you write for years.
Why have not all turned into one of the academic titles that would be taken very seriously;time is leaked and thus compensate it all is a bit difficult and impossible despite my flexibility of the spine.
People who stand in one place;crankshaft-funny mediocre being trained for specific spending purpose*a brief description of one part of the population-which looks at other parts of of society that laughs at us in the face.They do allowed you not".Diplomatic pronounced-necessary sacrifices.
Where are the home of human Rights-knights of the round table-state institutions*..Integration involves organizing parts (elements) in the whole (structure) that operates in a harmonious existence of common goals, and containing a balance between individual and common goals.
If it ruins my spine or cut off a hand to get you out in a certain time of your hell.*
sociological aspect - adverse consequences for society..anthropological aspect - the work of a certain man which expresses his personality, relationship with existing ,the company, its structure and value system..
fundamental individual and general values
protected by the Constitution and international law
Humanity and human dignity
• Life and body
• Human rights and fundamental freedoms
• Employment and social rights
• Personal freedom
• Privacy
• It is an honor and reputation
• Sexual freedom
• Emotional and overall development
child and his sexual identity
• Marriage, family, children
• Human Health
• Environment
• General safety


Criminal acts are human acts which violate
or jeopardize fundamental individual and social
values enshrined in the Constitution and international
law, that law or international law
constitute a criminal offense, and were realized on
illegal and bent way.
so far as I Can deal with the law/only the bedraggled cat..
be closed in a box, open eyes*.
disenfranchised while others patched stranger mistakes..
unlawful killing or unlawful deprivation of life / you live and you're alive but not*
the technical term for forgive term that many, almost automatically, connected with Christianity and there is no doubt that it belongs in its center*.What is forgiving is real committed and submitted evil. There is a different understanding of forgiveness. This concerns primarily the victim and her relationship to evil, suffering and perpetrator. Understood as such forgiveness is independent of the perpetrator. Applies only to the victim and used her as a separation, a departure from the submitted evil. The third meaning of forgiveness to the requests for forgiveness. It refers to the perpetrator. Equally and forgiveness that are not paying the perpetrators, it is not seeking forgiveness does not have to first be directed to the victim.
Her life remained anchored in the past, while the present passes, and the future becomes unattainable
 experience Braked in the social grow.

free act as a process of learning about yourself, the offender, the life truths about God

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