silent gem

No matter how much spirit and acumen possessed, in two days the character of some women still will not investigate enough to gain her love.
New picture painted last night, with a hidden philosophical story you should know to read;sometimes works and publications, to stir up the dust, so it settles and it was mostly all..

"at the very beginning takes on a certain shape and a story that with brush and paint constantly expanding on paper..a bit rough and raw awaiting processing and end.

reflects the space beings
After a few hours of it in connection with this picture taking stupid cell phone to perpetuate  eye  and view of the camera are two different views of this work..
 Sensory experience, intellect gives form, but the way knowledge is derived from sensation, going through the mind that the arguments reasoning on the nature.
"and artificial light do not get a good result because it shows a photo in a completely different tone colors..
so go back to the very beginning and I think I'm a bit too far and went from watercolors and ended in the illustration..