Small Gallery of my works 2015-2016.

   Hammer in action and to the female
Implementation of the task very difficult
need a strong power¨¨
metalworking perhaps in a better future; as well as engraving or carving*
 as I have to get hand tools for wood*

old cutting board turned into a work of art
woman in action as far as carving wood!

 too big a task as well as dimensions, surface is not smooth
done with the help of drills for wood and painted
requires further refinement and processing!

 something wonderful and dangerous
precision, prudence and knowledge of the types of glass!
very difficult if you have any previous knowledge"
this is called glass painting with acrylic paint and carving art"for something more powerful sculpture the recommended crystal of 1o cm thick in diameter¨¨
generally expensive projects if you do not have deep enough pockets"

 These are all my first experiments*
They went swallowing glass dust, cuts
After investment  hours  work -cracking   work in glass..

desirable male *patient* despite what you are female*


something that I was glad
guarded years
turned into a new work!
In these works there is no philosophy*

new materials that have at least bought "
to a certain extent allow certain processing*
desire to the sculpture of glass but money as my hands not child's play!