Técnica de la Filigrana

Let's briefly run through the day, I'm getting ready to snooze*
if I start from the end or the beginning of the day?
Filigree is one of the techniques used in making jewelry, as a rule, is carried out exclusively in silver or gold and the appearance of these objects are reminiscent of some sort of lace*.
the result is great but I have 50 kuna (Croatian currency)less in my pocket-buying glue, jute thread x 2 pieces.(how to save-not buy snacks,not consume juices,not buy alcohol,no sweets)

Filigree made of jute for decorative purposes on my way*why must be spent kuna and something new made?*except that upset, constantly learn about new techniques.(Thus not every day-and I have other occupations)I read constantly and not only about literature..
I wanted to make a bowl but did not know how much strength I get with adhesive so everything went normally in the other direction*

after the separation of the smooth surface you get something like this"
application on a glass bottle with a little improvement;some color and other types of thread and decorations..
This was in the meantime, a dish that I have not prepared 100 years*
not spaghetti but the milanese style *(I do not plan to explain my way of eating*)
 step up spices, a little* welcome.
today I have the marathon race, and this needless..how much it costs / couple of painkillers,something that would scare me in the grave (cigarettes or coffee)..
almost without vices and weaknesses".
And this is where the half-hour ago ..
(I do not like to tie around the neck choking me (unresolved concerns)*)
painted box made of wood but I was pleased with what I had created from her;Now I have a different story!
sense of strangeness valuables and feasibility
Mosaic and a half!
the size of my hand ;As I already mentioned insufficient space to open a specific image*
If someone asks me about the hot bonding and the gun to heat (have) tried a long time ago
too cheap goods and cooking glue gun (and so I afford sometimes a smart little thing ... and a variety of experiences and disappointments)
taster of various goods; (
originally my*
#to know that this is forever¨*
This is the latest thing; mostly it's about miniatures;tuned on my way..in my backyard money does not grow on Apple**I did not give up at nothing just looking for a real focus.
If the images are occasional confusing; I have no profit from them ..for now I do not plan to purchase professional equipment or professional photographers.
 this I planned to keep for their own needs*