time for change

this time on a new hair color as well as the independent development of homemade haircut*
"it is not a thrift more way to maintain a certain everyday style that gives shape one's personality**despite the  ma youthful expression holding out on my small way my own cans as far as hair and hairdressing.I can not be a libertarian open at least as far as her-hair is silky and thin and flat-defined natural color which is sometimes monotonous..Sometimes a look in the mirror does not create a daffodil or a view towards my face and mind in a different way..the red color boil in my veins but as the hair color does not it's me*
I did not dare go in the colors grunge/-Ombre would especially black and gray to me probably strange and inappropriate looked..how save my year with the rest of the parts that make a woman my age?

some time ago I wore a medium length asymmetrical bob without bangs;a few months there was no visits to the hairdresser nor hair coloring*the back is shorter by half the length of the front acts as a semi-long bob, do not use hairspray, so I decided to keep my bangs and to shape them in a somewhat unusual way..Hair ie, the length of the bangs (hair) are taking in their hands and twisting into a single twist and cut.this blow-dried, freshly painted and a bit with the addition of make-up and a little satisfied smile seems fresh, new and elegant.I just have to ask the hairdresser style that decade that haircut belongs?-These are some of the basic styles that are used in the design style haircut.

What makes this look a bit unusual and futuristic but that too is not jumping out of a frame-how to hold color stability from midnight blue:scenery is not beautiful when the color totally washed*

 it should be transformed*personality remains unchanged.
I decided to at least advance a couple of years that the blue or light hair color by preparing a bleaching with hydrogen*(I did not from Sweden)  this color is not for me -to feel like yellow chicken from Elm Street;(
a bit some formal makeup at least in this moment..
small boxes with diamond dust and that only  of my*
bear their own little secrets*