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to produce noble offspring

I woke up from a half-sleep, holding a book in my hands ..I read two or three pages of The sins of Borgia family to get in again in a half sleep, luckily I took a strap pink color so that every time I recorded where to continue reading..What to say about the book or its contents; it's a little lengthy in some way is not bad ... but the decision has to be read to the end and I will not recount or in a way to describe and process a shorter version of its content*
Book of Esther(one part of the book is also headed)
part of a paragraph*
"Could you say that I am lonely because this would soften the heart towards the recognition,but it would not be true, so I will tell you to see your heart like an island in a cold lake.When the lake freezes, you can get close to him, but you risk the strand, and the island is inhospitable desert where they live Basilisks,not a forest meadow by which running unicorns.
I do not intend to hunt virgins, Violante"

But Galen says that the heart is just some sort of bellows which forces the blood through the body,and he was a military doctor.If so, I wonder who blows up, God?Own will? Or blind deaf mute force that no mind,but it basilisks is Basilisks and unicorns is unicorns this keeps the planets in their tracks?
"Alei iacta est"said Caesar on the banks of the Rubicon.Our destiny is what we make of it.*These days Rubicon is a tiny creek;I'd say you did not even notice when you crossed on the way to the north.However, you have crossed it,so you  throw the dice.*

Stories about knights and ladies ;human suffering and eternal struggles,turmoil, lies and politics,morality.In the same story, and through this century.

the knack- and how to get it*1965.arising from the freer attitudes

swingers account for two to four percent of married couples with numbers in excess of 4 million people in North America. As of 2011, some experts believe that there are as many as 15 million Americans swinging on a regular basis?(scientific numbers mean)
The swinger community sometimes refers to itself as "the lifestyle", or as "the alternative lifestyle
At the same moment I read a book that speaks about from 15th century*

Simple Definition of knack

an ability, talent, or special skill needed to do something
This is a new word in my vocabulary, out of curiosity, I tried to find her first their meanings?All because of the same name the film from this morning on TV from 1965 year..In Croatian translation of this is in fact not the markup as a charm *
The film was a little dark content, although it says that it belongs to the comedy but Dark Comedy..In England, the times are a changing: it's mods and rockers*monopoly on womanizing - with a long like of conquests to prove it - while the naive and awkward.. missing out  sexual revolution* Cool and sophisticated  access to the intimate life or Polyamory.
What does it say my educational principle?I did not familiar with certain terms and phenomena in society ,I'm not going to throw stones..Human rights are guaranteed to everyone but I will not swinging the fan flags*
I know that certain films destined in particular education of the population;  for adults.
 in "the heat of the moment" without regard to consequences

gift, faculty, aptitude, bent, talent, genius, knack mean a special ability for doing something. gift often implies special favor by God or nature gift of singing beautifully>
. faculty applies to an innate or less often acquired ability for a particular accomplishment or function faculty for remembering names>. aptitude implies a natural liking for some activity and the likelihood of success in it aptitude>. bent is nearly equal to aptitude but it stresses inclination perhaps more than specific ability bent>. talent suggests a marked natural ability that needs to be developed talent to succeed>. genius suggests impressive inborn creative ability genius for poetry>. knack implies a comparatively minor but special ability making for ease and dexterity in performance knack of getting along>.

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