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whose outfit you're wearing today

¨¨some say the clothes make the human"..a woman this the skirt we Totally dressed from head to toe and just meekly naked front of God and our mirrors...
"How it looks like our real body is covered with our lamb fur*What bites us from the outside in?Why we itch?We attribute aspect of intellect and consciousness  and Our theory of mind primitive nature..emotions-love, hate, fear, joy-synonym for thought: a private conversation with us that we take "inside our heads."
private sphere to which no one but the owner has Access*
until the moment when the time ..

"no being can say that it is separated from the life force or the nature not to think that just mention the name of God that I am or someone else's religious fanatic...

By that I mean *
that people are afraid of certain restrictions on freedom
saving in certain closed group of people with a locked Rights
and rules.
Agnosticism is the view that the veracity of certain claims, particularly claims relating to the existence or non-existence of any deity, but also other religious and metaphysical claims, unknown and, according to current knowledge, unknowable.
Policy understanding people
 ¨¨in positive sense trailer can be written as: The intellectual things, follow reason as far as this took, regardless of anything else. In a negative sense: The intellectual things do not pretend you are unproven or unprovable conclusions safe".

Considering that in practice it is not worth comparing with zero probability that practically equal to zero*
What about uniforms for work Duty ?
Who are the people who always wear?
Do you have a title and with that levels of knowledge*

A technician is a worker in a field of technology who is proficient in the relevant skills and techniques, with a relatively practical understanding of the theoretical principles. 
Duties and functions
Though less socially prestigious than a white collar professional, technicians play as major support roles in professions such as engineering, accountancy, nursing, medicine, architecture, and law. For instance, a dental technician is viewed of lower social status and a lower level of respect compared to a dentist. Experienced technicians in a specific tool domain typically have intermediate understanding of theory and expert proficiency in technique. As such, technicians are generally better versed in technique compared to average laymen and even general professionals in that field of technology. For example, although audio technicians are not as learned in acoustics as acoustical engineers, they are more proficient in operating sound equipment, and they will likely know more about acoustics than other studio staff such as repairmen.
Technicians may be classified as either highly skilled workers or at times semi-skilled workers, and may be part of a larger (production) process. They may be found working in a variety of fields, and they usually have a job title with the designation 'technician' following the particular category of work. Thus a 'stage technician' is a worker who provides technical support for putting on a play, while a 'medical technician' is an employee who provides technical support in the medical industry or to the medical profession. An engineering technician in the UK is a highly skilled, highly educated occupation requiring 5–8 years post high school training in a formal apprenticeship and college of further education.
Doctor (lat .: docere "teach" or doctum "scholar"; abbreviation: PhD.) Is the highest academic title which carries a person who defended a doctoral degree.
The title was honorary and earned a title that belongs to a certain degree of education (engineer, academician, professor, doctor).
 Chef or cook is the name of the person who is cooking. One of the oldest trades in the world.

The officer (
female: cop) every person working in the service of the police as an official who deals with the maintenance of peace and security, and law enforcement in the name of the country in a particular area.
A nurse working in the health field. Scope of work includes care, monitoring, supervision and counseling patients and patients and documentation as well. Job Description may include prevention, rehabilitation, health education and health promotion. It can be for example in a hospital, nursing home or clinic. There are differences in the tasks of nurses on different tasks depending on the place of employment and institutions.

The parish priest is a priest to whom is entrusted the pastoral care of the parish community. The main task of the Vicar in community life is preaching and preach the gospel, and the recognition of the Eucharist and the sacrament meeting the needs of the faithful of the parish community. In addition, the pastor of the parish manages resources and is a parish in legal matters.

About Human Understanding, rights, labor*
the tractive power of God flowing through the human mind and life force
about victories and defeats*
charts strength endurance

or write a story about the spent human Resources***

What this translated means"
that in all these stories someone submits a greater burden than other titles that other passages preserved by spending their working ability and responsibility of carrying the consequences of deterioration of a part of a healthy young work force.

no we are not cannon fodder!

and doctors must bear and carry our crosses..
while others enjoy and feel free to dance through life¨¨

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