you did not fancy*human factor

review of contemporary issues which in recent decades increasingly engaged scientists and theorists of different profiles and on the occasion that the issue of more publications*

I thought it would FEW DAYS departure from INTERNET allow me CHARGING THE BATTERY AND SPIRITUAL RELAXATION*And when you turn on the computer and AN E MAIL*I did not expect SURPRISING mail...SORRY PEOPLE WHAT YOU THROUGH MY PHONE OR INTERNET not earning money from MY POCKET*..I AM NOT starlet who knows SELL pictures of your crotch OR boobs for a few million dollars..NORMAL I also have undesirable SOMETIMES angry reactions.
Nor am I big tits  OR big dick, ON THE INTERNET**

I am interested  ON THE WORD FROM WHICH ALWAYS TURNING ON TV gossip **you did not fancy*..You can imagine***WORD reserved for POKER FACE*

imagination, fancy, phantasy
tendency, propensity, inclination, affinity, penchant, fancy

desire, wish, want, appetite, fancy, desirability ,

whim, fad, caprice, fancy, vagary, quirk
 illusion, mirage, trick, fancy
elegant, classy, smart, dressy, gracious, fancy
flamboyant, ornate, gaudy, ornamental, fancy, natty
expensive, costly, fancy
luxurious, deluxe, fancy
excellent, exquisite, superb, admirable, fancy
excellent, stellar, cool, swell, famous, fancy
 Now I know why I like to plant a cactus in my house-4-5 YEARS TO 15 CM HEIGHT..Maybe more ..


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 And I just wanted to write about ART ...

knitting  with my hands in the late night:#

This is called macrame WITHOUT SOME SCHEMES**Focus on something creative and useful*And something beyond the failures every attempt SIGHT into the sunset and inhaling PEACE**

latest miniatures should survive at least 25 years
I***f I was planning STUDY SOCIAL parapsychology Enrolled a study of metaphysics WITH Zen Buddhism*With a touch of X RADIATION...then would have all studied 20 years ago*
A I AM NOT YET IN MENOPAUSE A freaking out like any METUZALEM:(;(
"how comes to climacteric in head of women and men**?
"to stop riding as horses and mares our minds and create images of dark, dark movie!
seconds before and after seconds for  me it's not fun* face; the image my heartfelt emotion..
During the life of the concern and frustration We waste five years. An adult is about something ax on average two hours a day.
Your body in response to stress launches a natural protection mechanism. However, if this mechanism all the time it can harm health.
it is important to emphasize that the stressors events that we can not or we think that we can not control.
Stress effect on every cell of our bodies, and some of the more common physical symptoms are tense jaw, headaches, anxiety, panic attack and similar psychological reactions, rapid heartbeat, stroke and heart attack, arrhythmia, diabetes, irritable bowel syndrome, indigestion, weight gain , decreased libido, muscle tension, and promotes and various addictions.

Symptoms of stress

1936 doctor Hans Selye coined the term as loanwords from physics to describe "non-specific response of the body to any demand." Physiological symptoms such as redness, sweating, headache, loss of appetite, excessive appetite, mood swings, tension, fatigue, irritability, crying, fear, aggression, insomnia, limiting communication etc.
*the knowledge economy, which is global and which is in a constant struggle with uncertainty and changes..Many of the century should be one in itself, fostering its skills, knowledge, creativity and motivation were identified as the main and The most important factor of life success.
*general care manager of human resources for employees in all segments (provision of manpower, selection, education and training, rewarding, but on the other hand, and employee satisfaction with job).
*ensuring favorable working atmosphere and good interpersonal relationships, which affect on employee satisfaction, and thus encourage personal involvement and development,concern for the health of employees.
The core of culture consists of the values of a society, and in different cultures have different values, views, opinions, behavior and hence the human resource management needs to adapt to a particular cultural environment. The fundamental values of different cultures, completely different, such as the US and Japan (on opposite sides with American individualism and collectivism Japanese, then American competition - competition and Japanese cooperation - Harmony).This is just one example but each country or continent different ways of behavior and thinking..
does not have to do with the so-called accelerated Lifestyle/This is for people who are dealing with a multi billionaire Business*
do not buy all the crap from the so-called sensational expression within the TV screen or newspaper
there is a 8-10 or 12 working hours
family responsibilities, vacation, sleeping
socialize, drink and entertainment
day has only 24 hours

years 365 days
depends on working interest
5 working days, 6 or 7..

annual leave paid, depends on firms
Saturdays or Sundays

depends on career preferences as well as the size of the earnings

the amount of load to the lifestyle and behaviors on the jobs and colleagues on it * they perform as well as their quality is not so sure who it harder submitted by women or men..Complaints about weight bearing responsibilities within the family,eternal conundrums in practice and theory that we converted to our parents or grandparents-decline in progress in the life of societies and not advancing..loners like me of the small voice or appearance that unnoticed affect positive change small groups or even family despite its own development through social developments.. 
This is called a cooling reactor nuclear power plant