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guy with style*but not my

"Damn it, it's fantastic"he said."
"lying there and half the freaking questions about astronomy and particle physics and other abstractions-I read your texts * - about yourself you have no idea.*"

Are not you the one who says I was allowed to be a little crazy *
He smiled at the answer, "Of course, but not completely crazy: *

Where am I stuck my not-so-little nose ..again in new book..but not between my crotch..
An interesting little text-to little disillusionment of not drunkenness.A bit is set in a different role in the male language of thinking..that itself is not turning into a snake of python a strange serpent cobra-
juicy little toxic or impossible inedible.

whining about their problems and not just as a good solution ...same taste My own bitter coffee..

"and a bit sad reading, but in the hands I held the book of Ramses, and I left them for better times..*

The April witch-Majgull Axelsson
The AprilWitch, herthird novel,publishedin Swedenin 19…

A true friend is like another self but it is not

From:concreteandabstract,logicalandillogical,magicalandarchaicthinking.Platitudes(fromthe Latinflosculus-flower)ismeantin ancientrhetoricone thoughtorabstractthought,and thenonlypureformal expression.
SometimesI knowreallytangled,bentlikewiresanddetanglelikeballs ofwool..Butadultswill be able toreasonablyreadevery worddespiteincorrectlyspelled correctlypoints,commasorquotes..
one can alwaysrecognizea wholeand the direction ofa particulartext..transformation intoa diamondorshardone humanactandits effectin society..drillingin translationconstantlyprovingtheiractionsandefforts;itselfthrougha certain wayof enjoyinglife-ifyou can call itenjoyment..our lifeis notsafe,much lessboringand withoutgoals butrepeated attemptslead to decreasedself-esteeminvalueachievedthrough the years.
lesswriteonwhite pagesblogmoresocializeand talk..People are tiredandwishto comehomeafter workandimmerse yourselfinitscradleof peace..Mydecisions areeachgiventheir ownparticularpeaceandspace..Neithercan notwritethat I&#…

My autumn colors

I only know that this is the bush ..Park the same year another time.. old shit benign situation by phone..breaks every appetite..
The reasons of human stupidity ..breaks every beauty that attracted me to the pictures.. and even woman call.. who needs a doctor left, the priest at the right ..This lamb is a tired ..but called a nonsense to be left blind deal. Always the same question*Is thatRose?(the name of my mother*) If you ask me for my mother * my mother rest in peace for over a year*the same voice the same woman..rude, makes me nervous and she enjoys it..evil..or someonebothered territory where I write a blog/orsomeoneneeds mycurrentcarditemized? no debt and some strange Requests of the past, (phone is a registered in my property to my name.) shame that and write about it* 

bird a feather

what the bird said to his a feather? Take me for a few hours in a colored world**
my little strange moves, unusual procedure, strange tactics for a chess field,from flower to a clenched fist..only that I gave birth to a meaningful presentation trying to rid the painting mantra.
Raised from the waves, was born in the breath of the wind, approached the shore on the toilet. ... And there, (dressed) Venus holding a rally in the courtyard, surrounded by the gods of the wind it looks my nakedness the natural size*hidden tenderness covered of physical armor imperfect harmony.Where is the goddess of love reserves, roses fall from the sky. At the place where her foot for the first time fell to the ground - according to the Greek poet Anakreon - emerged the first rosebush.
For occasional ladies say that small pocket of Venus and what they say about women painters of his soul ..whether we are naked Venus?- closed  in golden shells of artistic expression..or just plain flail with brush..extra…

assessment of the situation on the battlefield

someone would have laughed  on this title ...The focus satirical comedy of intellectuals*
How many degrees of school everyone runs in front of me??
I look at them, they have titles**big, pompous gracefully....

and see what I dress on my feet;thick thermal socks military.. fortunate that the older brother has one more.(Like the rest of the male of the Croatia)-these they havethe occasional hole/those above do not care what I'm all that I have patched. tragicomic "outspoken". how seems petty-bourgeois college? in what way or manner; by what means* security situation, the hinterland and supply lines.. Greška i pogreška uglavnom znače isto (razlikuju se uglavnom koliko i error i mistake u engl.)
greška: a. ono što se učini protiv plana ili drugačije nego što valja, neispravan postupak [ljudska greška; potkrala se greška]; omaška b. neispravnost nastala takvim postupkom, tako prouzročen nedostatak, slaba strana izražena kao svojstvo čega [marka s greškom; knjiga s greškom; košulja …

shaped understanding of history

of course I'm gone a couple of days, not that I'm gone I'm here at home present or occupied some its highest and high-quality essential life priorities.
The task and responsibilities carried out least it seems that way.
let's move on.. Why this title and where they are well on the way I find ..
Maybe my specialty of view is different and more sensitive, do not have to pump them with sensationalism but always add a little spice to lacking form.. where it teaches?
At school genetic magic"*

"My fathersighed,leaning against thewall,andlaid afoot on thestone block-placeforclimbingon thedonkey?...
where am I..
theuniversity libraryin someone'sbook*.
where it comes from thefront of thelittleimagesof darknessandhorror...themovieIwatched ..but I'm nota fan *butI looksometimes..**
In time,somedulledto stimuli;at a recent time; not long ago  try to avoid..
ofwhichthe book**?
the Historian

ten yearsmeticuloushistoricalresearch,a lot ofpersonaltime exp…

knight games bastions

♚where to wander a bit weary souls; perhaps where we have never been in our life..We were fortunate that the weather permits coming and those who are trying to regulate access road to share with me and a part of history that only meet the definition of a brief describing the excitement is part of Croatian history.*

 the medieval history is not unknown but because of the different structure of the state and historical policy items  can are found all over the world or shorter versions, you can probably find the state archives of Europe and even Turkey.But normally you have to have certain permissions for research and doctorate.
For what*
Imagine the old documents at least eight hundred years *you want to touch and turn a sheet of paper and at the same time dying of fear that they will turn to dust.* luckily I was not studying history ;Professors the old tomcat with solid frames..but the fresh blood is stronger*;)but the respect and slope. challenges in demonstrating the power and fu…

and breathed new life to my painting

whetherthis womancanwritea littleshortpost** probablyonlywhenshe is tiredora littlemoody* Ifdescribea theme thatispackagedina complexpicturewillunderstandthatcheerfulnesscolorhas nothing to dowith the overallimpression. ButI found acertain techniquethathas enabled me toquicklyfinish*but itwill keeponlyfor me.
Worstmewhensomeoneforces you toyou appointartisticdirection,butI wantthe freedom of expressionandmyowndirection.. whenwillbepublishedin a gallery;againa stupid question*Galleryby myblogand othersocial sites.. of coursemay bemakea silly..
gointo anycoffeebarandput together an exhibition..
I would not beof thisimpressedandexhilarated..Thenwe'dhave tohuntartisticsoulandtreatat leastwith the buffet table. these are justlinesandsome stupiddetails***
incorrectdescription. There arepaintedwoman and a man, witha special style.

quality of life and living /Crazy, confused ,normal

quality of living**society what's at you???
By rank aunt,sisters and daughters**that my role!
What are the recommendations  to nephews*outside the winter put your long underpants and good shoes;stop by if you get*.
have you HRK to borrow*more of them asks*
my dear depends on the purpose*
et cetera***

sister what can to do together for our immediate family*asked the brothers*
something easier to more difficult"...
and sometimes we are helpless..

Our daughter *
I gave all*

The concept of quality of life usually describe the factors that have an impact on the living conditions of society or individuals. Generally, the term quality of life of thought to the level of prosperity of individual persons or groups of people.

One factor is the physical well-being, and in addition there are many other factors, such as education, employment, social status, health, etc-the written and unwritten laws*

What women want**? after all education stupidest question in the whole world*** a beer for m…