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A true friend is like another self but it is not

From: concrete and abstract, logical and illogical, magical and archaic thinking.Platitudes (from the Latin flosculus - flower) is meant in ancient rhetoric one thought or abstract thought, and then only pure formal expression.
Sometimes I know really tangled, bent like wires and detangle like balls of wool..But adults will be able to reasonably read every word despite incorrectly spelled correctly points, commas or quotes ..
one can always recognize a whole and the direction of a particular text..transformation into a diamond or shard one human act and its effect in society..drilling in translation constantly proving their actions and efforts;itself through a certain way of enjoying life-if you can call it enjoyment..our life is not safe, much less boring and without goals but repeated attempts lead to decreased self-esteem in value achieved through the years.

less write on white pages blog more socialize and talk..People are tired and wish to come home after work and immerse yourself in its cradle of peace..My decisions are each given their own particular peace and space..Neither can not write that I'm a thinker, because in a way it belongs to the world of Science..At least that is written and declare..type man full of spirit?*strongholds of these writings are based on real life conductive difficult in practice for certain groups of society..

You can love me and hate ,both of them in my favor.
if you love me forever I will stay in your heart,if you hate me forever I will stay in your mind.*
What is the wisdom or wiser?Life on my or your or our way*..
at the same time leafing through the forums and some signs that others are taken from reviews of scientific;No person is not identical box thinking character and personality-because that person was deprived in certain natural development..we are certain genetic mix of personality through certain actions various influences since our growing to maturity.Whether you like me to accept such a person?
as I accept you*.
It is interesting when you meet young people and a little wake up from umwell lethargy and uncertainty blur reason..
Kill yourself or lose to adapt situations that you as a man disapproves*
tripping others, Caesar knives (division action)-I like women learned
be a lady, decent good, valuable,
honest,buddy..This is what I inherited from my father and mother.
According to the written and unwritten rules and contracts 99% behavior is not permissible on each job..My practices are very disappointing.
It does not fit in small wits or evidence of qualifications.
whether with this lady has a little light*will come hopefully soon*.
what I have learned from a group of people and society-except school and qualifications?
Sharpen your senses that you have!
I'm sorry but I can not identify towards the skin*I can take a look at your face ..I do not want you to read minds.but it is good to Know..
that crazy situation..
from ..I can not find enough strong words for all events..go back out of in Black..
when the daughter becomes a son and still operates as a woman..all liabilities mature person.*
protect each other, help, the action of teaching..
The individual or individuals Latinism individual is being, an individual, a whole person, which is different from all other people-means autonomous, self-conscious and authentically entity.
dedicated - pȍžrtvōvan favor. <Maintenance. VNI> DEFINITION duties that meets not afraid to victims; very committed*
why one is called fools and other heroes?*
What is your opinion about it?

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