and breathed new life to my painting

whether this woman can write a little short post**
probably only when she is tired or a little moody*
If  describe a theme that is packaged in a complex picture will understand that cheerfulness color has nothing to do with the overall impression.
But I found a certain technique that has enabled me to quickly finish*but it will keep only for me.

 Worst me when someone forces you to you appoint artistic direction, but I want the freedom of expression and my own direction..
when will be published in a gallery; again a stupid question * Gallery by my blog and other social sites..
of course may be make a silly ..
go into any coffee bar and put together an exhibition ..
I would not be of this impressed and exhilarated..Then we'd have to hunt artistic soul and treat at least with the buffet table.
these are just lines and some stupid details ***
incorrect description.
There are painted woman and a man, with a special style.