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assessment of the situation on the battlefield

someone would have laughed  on this title ...The focus satirical comedy of intellectuals*
How many degrees of school everyone runs in front of me??
I look at them, they have titles**big, pompous gracefully....

and see what I dress on my feet;thick thermal socks military.. fortunate that the older brother has one more.(Like the rest of the male of the Croatia)-these they have the occasional hole/those above do not care what I'm all that I have patched.
tragicomic "outspoken".
how seems petty-bourgeois college?
in what way or manner; by what means*
security situation, the hinterland and supply lines..
Greška i pogreška uglavnom znače isto (razlikuju se uglavnom koliko i error i mistake u engl.)

  1. a. ono što se učini protiv plana ili drugačije nego što valja, neispravan postupak [ljudska greška; potkrala se greška]; omaška b. neispravnost nastala takvim postupkom, tako prouzročen nedostatak, slaba strana izražena kao svojstvo čega [marka s greškom; knjiga s greškom; košulja s greškom (u tkanju itd.)]; feler, nedostatak
1.a. whatever is done against the plan or differently than it should be, defective procedure [human error; slipped error]; slip b. malfunction caused by such a method, both caused by the lack, weakness, expressed as a property which [brand defective; Book by mistake; shirt with an error (in the fabric and so on.)]; Feller, lack
and people make mistakes
who, what and how??
you have a examples from his life*
I can not write because I get invisible scholarly cruelty without witnesses*
conscience and malpractice*

Diseases of nerve roots 
 Radiculopathy is nerve root damage that go through the spine of the spinal cord. It occurs most often called. compressive radiculopathy, which is due to pressure among Spinal Disc or by the pressure of the bone structure of the nerve). It is frequent in the cervical (neck) and lumbar (Cross) segment, and the symptoms are pain at the site of the pressure to expand a range of hands or set of legs, in the receptive field of nerve roots.It is diagnosed by examination, neurophysiological (EMG) and radiological findings (X-ray, CT and MRI) of the spine.Treatment depends on the cause of radiculopathy and the obtained findings, and may be conservative, physical therapy or surgical.Radiculitis is an inflammation of the nerve roots of the spinal cord (spinal nerves), usually caused by a virus. It is usually part of a spinal or neuritičkog process.When the recommended epidural steroid injections?It is recommended in those cases where we want to alleviate the radicular pain (pain in the legs or hands that is due to lesions of nerve roots), to reduce the symptoms and relief of physical therapy. Radicular pain usually occurs due to inflammation of the nerve due to disc herniation. The corticosteroid itself untreated hernia disc, or reducing inflammation and reduces pain and allows the body to heal itself herniated disc. The effect of epidural injections last from several weeks to several months, which is often enough to overcome the acute phase of the infection and to fix a herniated disc without surgery.
Consult neurosurgeon, or psychiatrist to review diagnosis
(Specific time), the treatment and the ability to work, and the need for
rehabilitation, diagnostic re-evaluation of the history of disease
a little is too cold on this cableway
benevolent. dobrohotan; dobronamjeran; dobroćudan; benevolentan; dobrotvoran. well-wishing. dobronamjeran. well-meaning. dobronamjeran.
a description of the author
which is prone to understanding; amiable, benevolent.

I am not hard person but with time my personality shaped into something that I did not¨¨
This from 1993. photo
life of a young girl, my*photos pictured with too much tension, right now...

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