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bird a feather

ovako izgleda najnovija slika

what the bird said to his a feather?
Take me for a few hours in a colored world**
my little strange moves, unusual procedure, strange tactics for a chess field,from flower to a clenched fist..only that I gave birth to a meaningful presentation trying to rid the painting mantra.
Raised from the waves, was born in the breath of the wind, approached the shore on the toilet. ... And there, (dressed) Venus holding a rally in the courtyard, surrounded by the gods of the wind it looks my nakedness the natural size*hidden tenderness covered of physical armor imperfect harmony.Where is the goddess of love reserves, roses fall from the sky. At the place where her foot for the first time fell to the ground - according to the Greek poet Anakreon - emerged the first rosebush.
For occasional ladies say that small pocket of Venus and what they say about women painters of his soul ..whether we are naked Venus?- closed  in golden shells of artistic expression..or just plain flail with brush..extra-terrestrial.

upravo se suši,možda jo dodam pokoji element da se izoštri i zapečetim ovo najnovije moje djelo

woman vision of fact*

unconditional love..

how can change this pattern of behavior*

how to help in the development and purification of insight in a very practical way and through distinctive concepts*

You're a woman and you want to clarify when a cool head and a sense like a grown strong mature man; otherwise, it's unusual attempts**write without serious dramatic situation.

And they will say in spite of various books I am not a fan of Mars;significant steps many books have been one-sided and unfortunately have strengthened mutual distrust and aversion reliable guides who will take us towards a healthier understanding of differences..

opening the hearts? *allow access, passage, or look through over any empty space; not closed or blocked *




ours living conditions caused by society,media and history*the need for a positive image*Since they were from different worlds, with joy they discovered differences, which were used to decorate. He spent the days and months getting to know each other, exploring and understanding the diversity of their needs, aspirations and in behavior.
moments without sacrificing their own**full of confidence,acceptance and respect;how to avoid painful discussions and arguments secrets of encouraging different ways to short and openly say what you need, using a real dictionary-opportunity to be pleased with himself.On Venus, everyone studying psychology and at least have a degree of confidential advisors.
very intuitive* This power developed centuries anticipating the needs of others.

mother's maids*


fathers butlers*

giving advice and suggestions sign of appreciation*

too much giving of us tires **
lived* loss / victory philosophy - "I'm losing so that you could get."
Step Three: Practice
prevent emptiness *

Ironically, ah with each act of avoiding our negative emotions we give them the power to control our lives.These disorders are characterized by strong anxiety that a person tries to automatically resolve a variety of ways, using a variety of mental mechanisms. Source of anxiety may be unaware of the internal conflict or situational factors such as traumatic experiences, stress or loss. If there is a particularly difficult situation at work or at home, the stress that occurs in response to such a situation could spill over to other segments of life and create anxiety. Anxiety is the most common emotional disorder.
And why do people generally self build walls*?
They kept the psychological integrity of the individual*.

mentalno zdrava osoba je između ostalog osoba koja ima pozitivno mišljenje o sebi, ali koja je istovremeno sposobna da prihvati i drugu stranu svoje liĉnosti.

stab pins in pride-No one complained of water because it is wet or rock so as hard or trees because green.

the basis for the "construction of personality

develop effective mechanisms to survive and adapt to the complex and different environmental requirements*

continuous two-way process between the individual and the situation facing*
objective reasons why people may not realize what they want, to fill the other activities.
 However, if the defense of the individual excessive use, cognitive distortions are larger, which consequently leads to higher payments guild.
where I am in this paper, a small-sized, weakened..satisfy environmental standards with infantile desires *
Defence of the high degree of customization are a good fan of excessive negative emotions (especially anxiety) and therefore contribute to the psychological well-being of the individual. As none of us were vaccinated against traumatic events and stressful life experience, nor are perfect in the forecast of life's events and often against them do not have any control, it is very important to learn how to deal with such occurrences. You can not ignore the stress episodes that often have in the workplace (for demanding tasks), communication in the workplace, in the family or in other areas complete life.

"It seems that this lady protests too many."

My current thoughts during self-evaluation
Mobbing-represents part of the so-called "human nature"
When it occurs as emotional abuse in the workplace, such as "ganging up" by co-workers, subordinates or superiors, to force someone out of the workplace through rumor, innuendo, intimidation, humiliation, discrediting, and isolation...
strict vegetarian

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