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"Damn it, it's fantastic"he said."
"lying there and half the freaking questions about astronomy and particle physics and other abstractions-I read your texts * - about yourself you have no idea.*"

Are not you the one who says I was allowed to be a little crazy *
He smiled at the answer, "Of course, but not completely crazy: *

Where am I stuck my not-so-little nose ..again in new book..but not between my crotch..
An interesting little text-to little disillusionment of not drunkenness.A bit is set in a different role in the male language of thinking..that itself is not turning into a snake of python a strange serpent cobra-
juicy little toxic or impossible inedible.

whining about their problems and not just as a good solution ...same taste My own bitter coffee..

"and a bit sad reading, but in the hands I held the book of Ramses, and I left them for better times..*

The April witch-Majgull Axelsson
The April Witch, her third novel, published in Sweden in 1997 and that same year won the most respected Swedish literary award Augustpriden.
I wanted to get out a little bit of English and American Literature..Slightly open to all texts on the library shelves.
story based on the annulment of the classic physical division between the physical and the spiritual, natural and supernatural, material and immaterial..
a sort of movement immovable heroine of the novel, Desiree decades lies in a special sanatorium for the most serious cases, separate from the world;three sisters and half-sister above-average developed mind despite the degenerative consequences of cerebral palsy followed them and affect their lives in modern Sweden.
In each of their lives open cracks, gaps abyss of fear designed social scale*reverse the failure of system solutions.

"Someone in the dorm room rolled egg and after a few hours fragile shell began to break.Middle of the night is hatched.The shell can have halved from the inside out is a young woman.From the first moment has become what it was intended:serious person with the purpose, that is every morning seat behind his desk and opened its books in exactly eight hours."