I briefly this is you and me and those*sometimes sympathetic characters*/brotherhood

For starters, if someone insulted's final post on this means that in his life does not add up properly, let them look at their interior and discussion each in their own way on this subject or other subjects.
All my fight is your victory*
Again note the direction in which they go my letters?
reply-all humanity*

answer one's consciousness *
!but you're not our Pope, not a doctor, teacher or the shrink , political president or parliament of a State*
What is this thing called life-long learning??*

It is my duty to help anyone even keep an eye and help myself to stay alive, healthy, together with the society in which I live*
maybe sometimes sadness and problems do not just flow through my writing that does not mean that I am left alone in the decisions and struggles and that despite never willingly fighting*Sometimes I'm afraid to look at your life table (quality and quantity as well as the ability to acquire mature).
Each of us is special, most of it retains for itself..something that adopted years of wisdom, prudence, skepticism and caution keeping dignity**
"who are you to get involved in a part of pedagogy and teaching??/so it sounds in the form of one's thoughts and form questions./

one of the little ones*

most to save the life of the stressors of life avoids insightful approach to its own depth of body(mind not alone*) like going into areas that have nothing to do with their lives..(old grandfather and grandmother would say that this is wisdom)?

and the same old wise men see how they children take care in their profound years at different places something due to old age, fear ,ignorance or a desire to us *some for control ;longing, love..shame.They want to be the proud fathers and mothers/wars and poverty are kidnapped them a pencil and school out of hand**childhood living people from the First and Second World War**as well as all other war suffering*

what children watch?
Normally it would be to die of certain old age rather than of serious illness /age when they should relax and enjoy despite years..stretching with them the health institutes as Jesus on the cross to save their lives together with doctors and relatives.

results*fight was fucked hard*rest in peace /live forever in me and with me*
Doctors are not magicians * and I'm not Jesus who treats  with touch of hands /only sister*

 to be the mother by his father and mother, or even brothers**sometimes not interfering in other people's lives*I separate a sick attachment.

all female impulses and instincts through genes about which scientists know everything but ordinary mortals forget.

loss of healthy discussion and reason; for some reason and impact-degrading treatment of a female gender/through a variety of behavioral and humiliation /  we are under God's feet

The rest of us despite the height should be to one another by side as Army;equal*


death,sadness, pain, suffering =trying to save someone's life- pain becomes the disease

       who wants sheep Lifestyle***
¨¨I have a certain purpose¨¨

a hundred times at our work say(example)
or shut up-close zipper!!

My labor law is to stay healthy, hard-working and satisfied cared.

I'm the manager who leads in the right direction */manager above me or manager of business organization or boss above you*/

I know all about labor rights and protecting you*

protection to do a job that is not within my profession as an employer ;allows a reduction of my salary and pay less taxes and health Insurance*leave signatures on the documents that you have not even read (says these doing a service)*not assholes but they must be in order to preserve their hard-won positions.*
Message to dick managers...

I carry the burden bigger than you!
Let me aware and notice*

Put on the scale bird feather*

Examples of stress-find or have psychiatrists explain*whether they are in the first when people with black skin are saying that we lower the Caucasoid race??
then the entire black race that is dying of hunger or wars hanging on his own gallows along the whole of Africa or Asia Minor*....

If you're a woman you can not have the balls*

This does not mean that you're lesbian, gay, transvestite, a sadomasochist, bad Siamese twin or divided personality*

who wants to live in a clinic for pain??

a description of how this constantly looking in my eyes and mind*
people with life no matter what amount of Capital:.(capital all handled in translation Money?
bread and games?-Roman arena with gladiators*whether you will be victorious over the lion or enemy-to be eaten or enslaved and fucked up?-my former colleagues examples of life through some pain*..and all listed and I know they are good people-I lamb on their spit*

 I'm losing my health and life as a walking fire brigade*


Why all the smoke * and this all?
the Croatian translation  the suckers...*strange human association*

seeking an answer to my pain-my parents and all the little brothers
self-help through written help of experts
This is what I recently read (self-protection and search Rights*)
By protrusion or prolapse of intervertebral discs come in heavy lifting, usually when flexed spine under the weight of rapidly corrected. Mechanical System "pads" nucleus is driven through a crack annulus which can occur simultaneously or may persist in the past. If the cracks already existed to migration of the nucleus can occur gradually, by successive small traumas, in abrupt movements, usually to correct the spine from long-term position, or at a very slight movement, getting up from a sitting or lying position.The works in which there is damage to discusThese are primarily people who raise the burden with which perform sudden movements extension, lateral flexion and rotation of the spine: laborers, porters, loaders. The harm is much easier if the muscles of the torso weaker (after longer breaks, sick leave, holidays).Another group of workers where there is damage to discus those who work long in adverse postures body! And, in flexion or rotation: Olivetti, gardeners, laundresses, cleaners, farmers and others.The third group may mention the administrative and intellectual workers, managers who perform their professional activities sedentary and where there is a weakness of muscles and tissues troops discus. But it should be borne in mind that the professional background of damage discus in these professions debatable. The law recognizes the professional only those defects that arise in heavy lifting.DiagnosisMedical history should confirm the mechanism of lesions of discourse: that the worker lifting a burden from the folded position, suddenly straightened and felt a severe pain in the lower back and down his leg from the outside or the back. In doing so often comes to "rigor" and ograničema movements that are painful. The pain is amplified in motion, standing, walking and sitting and reduce resting.
Radicular pain usually occurs due to inflammation of the nerve due to disc herniation. The corticosteroid itself untreated hernia disc, or reducing inflammation and reduces pain and allows the body to heal itself herniated disc. The effect of epidural injections last from several weeks to several months, which is often enough to overcome the acute phase of the infection and to fix a herniated disc without surgery
Epidural injection aims to reduce inflammation and pain, and thus keep the patient's age and movable for physical therapy. As injections previously applied, it is a greater efficiency; if symptoms last for less than 3 months, pain was reduced in 90% of patients. When problems last 3-6 months, the efficiency is about 70%, and if problems persist for more than a year, the effectiveness of the procedure is about 50%.
it should be noted that epidural steroid injections are not treated the cause of pain. It relieves symptoms*
where am I ? if one of them asks?(
only for former colleagues)
¨¨perhaps with a crutch, walker or an ambulance in my head and all their illegal actions¨.

at sewing*

there is a phone

meeting could be very painful*

all doctors say that not arms crossed and Know*

REQUIRED DOCUMENTS TO APPLICATIONINJURIES AT WORK AND OCCUPATIONAL DISEASESOrdinance on amendments to the Ordinance on rights, conditions and manner of exercising the rights under the mandatory health insurance in case of injury at work and occupational diseases (Official Gazette No. 79/15) introduced new forms:1. The application of occupational injuries,2. Notification of occupational diseases.These forms are in compliance with the requirements of European statistics, and contain data needed for reporting to Eurostat.Forms are available on the website Hzzo in the form of input data of taxpayers filing reports of occupational injuries and reports of occupational diseases.First completing and signing the application forms of occupational injuries:Form must be completed in 5 copiesPrinted reports of occupational injuries shall contain the information that fills the payer of filingreports of occupational injuries:A. Data on the employer (data from number 01 to 08.)B. Information about the injured person (data from number 09th-22nd)C. Data on occupational injuries (data from number 23rd to 47th)D. Information on the immediate manager (data from number 48th-49th)E. information eyewitnesses (data from number 50th-51st)F. Information about the person who filled stationery reports of occupational injuries (data from number 52nd to 53rd)The information in points A, B, C, D, E, F verifies its signature and seal of the taxpayer responsible person in the taxpayer filing of occupational injuries.DELIVERY stationery chosen doctor general / family medicineCertified copies of the application forms of occupational injuries shall be forwarded to selected medical doctor of general / family medicine injured insured person with an attached medical documentation on the provided first aid and conducted treatment.If the employer does not have information about the selected medical doctor, it is possible in such cases to the competent office / service CIHI by the seat of the employer completed and stamped stationery applications only by the employer.