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knight games bastions

♚where to wander a bit weary souls; perhaps where we have never been in our life..We were fortunate that the weather permits coming and those who are trying to regulate access road to share with me and a part of history that only meet the definition of a brief describing the excitement is part of Croatian history.*

estate Korođ (Kórógy), which are in the XIII. century erected lowland fortress whose remains are located near the village Ivanovca south of Osijek, not the end of today's village Korođ in Povučju.

Of course the original image, taken today, and probably without one's encouragement* I would never see this fort except on the Internet*

eto zašto se imaju starija braća*a little worried where he dared to climb**unstable old buildings..

 the medieval history is not unknown but because of the different structure of the state and historical policy items  can are found all over the world or shorter versions, you can probably find the state archives of Europe and even Turkey.But normally you have to have certain permissions for research and doctorate.
For what*
Imagine the old documents at least eight hundred years *you want to touch and turn a sheet of paper and at the same time dying of fear that they will turn to dust.*
luckily I was not studying history ;Professors the old tomcat with solid frames..but the fresh blood is stronger*;)but the respect and slope.
challenges in demonstrating the power and fucking sweats;but the come to new insights.
Down the hill 2.5 meters ..
I stayed up and I have not stepped inside the fortress;stupid to expose ourselves exertion ..first physiotherapy however medicine and not jump off a bridge..My  Brother wanted to do some taking pictures and to be a little tourist  as well as the rest of the boxes !home** and for me to rest my little brain.. (I am only the fourth and youngest*)
however this is only a small slope ..
you think...😺
or how to get back up the slope?
bit of view of the environment;as my image strange and murky..
In the narrow sense Korođ are descendants of Philip I., one of three sons of Prince cellar (Keléd). According to chroniclers Simon de Kezi (Simon de kész) and Akos, Basement descended from Gottfried from Hersfeld who was at the Council of Frankfurt in an uproar killed Henry Raspe Thuringian 1130, and therefore had to flee to Hungary, where he later received possessions to take part in a military campaign against Bosnia in 1166. However, it seems that the claims arising from confusion with a family in western Hungary.
For their merits in the fight against Mongols and accompanying King to the Adriatic Sea awarded on August 6, 1258 Bela IV. To curse the children of Ladislaus, Philip I. and Gregory estate Koska, Dubrava and Cepin in Baranja and Vukovar County and are excluded under the judiciary Vukovian mayor. He later Philip I in 1267 served as mayor Vukovsko county to which was probably set by reference to the military and other merits in the king's service. Grant his father's White confirmed the three Kletovih sons Stephen III. 1270.At the end of life left in 1290, the year Gregory all their possessions and tenure rights daughter Yolanda. In the event that Yolanda and her husband Ladislav no descendants, estates and tenure rights are passed on to Grgurov brothers Ladislav and Philip I., and other relatives. Grgurov part consisted of a third of the estate and fortress Orljavac in Požega County, Opatovac near Vukovar, fortress Korođ and estate Cepin and a third of the estate Koška close to saturated, then Lipova, szava and black over the Drava in Baranja County.
The fortress was built of stone and brick, the ring has a diameter of 40 m, with a central square tower with a wall thickness of 2, 5 m.
Why the king was not in favor Korođ and why they were kept away from the court and the court service remains unclear..By returning the seized property and the acquisition of royal favor was returned and Korođ former position in society, however they were re-admitted into the order of the court of knights and nobles leading the country.
all of dynastic turbulence;praise and criticism
on an elevated mound are the ruins of the fort Korođ (Korógyvar)
enthusiastic through Research-the pride and trance of scientists*
Philip IV. Korođ whole life is dedicated to the arrangement of Osijek. At the elevated terrace by the Drava built the family palace and castle with INDUSTRIAL buildings and stables. Osijek is encircled by a wall, a moat and a moat filled with water, he raised a city gate that connected the main street. Philip brothers also raised several buildings in Osijek and the market where arriving daily businessmen, traders and couriers, as well as the surrounding lords. The parish church of St. Trinity was rebuilt in the Gothic style and converted into a family tomb. Thus, Osijek in the second half of the 14th century, grew into a center of this part of Slavonia and its appearance is not very different from most of European medieval cities. Even more progress is the emergence of the urban nobility layer with a layer of citizenship and the beginnings of local self-government.
cloudy, chilly there is road;luckily scattered with stones on it..wetland...You can walk but also with cars..the rest of the surrounding area is prohibited**private landholding crops.
Hold on road*.
and we domestic we did not get to meet his homeland*

The search and Answer;burning tree of knowledge

I hope that the project in cooperation between the two municipalities revive*

Kolođvar (walls) in the municipalities of Antunovac and Čepin
 my Wishlist
at the Adriatic Sea  Coast have invested a lot of Money for the restoration of the stone fort and medieval towns from the ground to the top(protected under UNESCO-Cultural Heritage)

Slavonija does not live in a  that way ;equality for all in the Croatia.

Draft Fortress;renovate, build do with hard-working  builders *
We know how to handle with wood and brick bake***

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