My alternative internal medicine*attempt to intellect through life learning

What makes a person's life, as include yourself*My life experiences shared through posts ;I know it's more interesting Harry Potter ,Robbie Williams,David Guetta, Steven Spielberg with star wars or Pokémon;bambi and Peter Pan*.Except fictional characters from the novel of the people These are other living person similar life ;with families, difficult jobs  with tasks and duties..
If you think them better/that their lives were more fulfilling-are born as children and die like ordinary people/carry with them their own lives and learn about life*.

I briefly this and you and me and those*sometimes sympathetic characters*

 Nutrition is one of the needs of every person on Earth, it is a process in which a man enters into the body the food, while the continuation of the process in which then in the digestive tract processes food into energy (or store) called digestion.

I do not go too deep because of it constantly turns to the Internet, TV or magazines;all boils down to sensationalism*for me it comes down to how to stay healthy, happy and somewhat fulfilled*-to the doctor sensationalism and shit do not work either helping*

On the internal department specific hospital you will see the sweet bitter people with bitter stories*you want a remedy for pancreas or insulin?**a handful of drugs or a half cup*

and how the names of these doctors for technical examinations of people and repairs?
Gastrointestinal, cardiologist, internist, urologist, surgeons, endocrinologists, they did not like it when one or more of the common people going on about their work / life calling

it's very interesting when you balls in their hands!

if this handful of health or only 0.0001%

By the early 70s of the last century fibers are considered worthless ingredient that only passes through the body, and ends just in the toilet*

guys love barbecue and severe food*
  Hemeroidi- symptoms, diagnosis and treatment

Everything you wish to know about colonoscopy, but never dared to ask*

How is a colonoscopy?(Doctors of internal medicine do not enjoy it * and they are only human)Overview of running a flexible tube (colonoscope) width of your index finger and length of about 130cm. At the top of the tube is a camera and a light source that allows the doctor see the lining of the intestine. In order to display the intestinal mucosa, intestine must be thoroughly cleaned. During your visit you will receive the signature form of consent to the examination which will be explained all the risks review. Before the review will wear disposable pants with a hole in the final part of the colon. Viewing is done lying down on your left side with your knees slightly to draw closer to the chin. The doctor begins examining putting around the exit colon gel which is a local anesthetic. After that, the device of the anus and rectum finger (digital rectal examination) and then put the top of flexible pipes in the final part of deblog intestine. Then, upuhujući air moves hose through the hose at the beginning of the colon (the cecum). After the review, and this part of the intestine, flexible tube is slowly drawn outwards.The doctor may ask to review during the turn on the back or on the right side to make it easier progressed flexible pipes. You may request from you or from the nurse to hand pressed certain points on the stomach in order to limit bending of the flexible tube.

Developed around 1900 by Swiss physician Maximilian Bircher-Benner for patients in his hospital, muesli is available in a packaged dry form, ready made, or freshly made.
In Switzerland and Germany it is also eaten as a light evening dish; Birchermüesli complet is muesli with butterbrot and coffee with milk
The original Bircher muesli was soaked overnight with water and lemon juice, and then eaten with yoghurt.

 Nowhere does not write that the letter of the law you must overstuffed with any food**only certain recommendations of possible behaviors frame in a healthy individual certain weight and height who participate in sports and work with filled working week*
Healthy people who are of a certain age and sedentary life are not required to take three meals a day**in this way to gain weight and become obese regardless were young or had 80 years.*
!unless you have some medical conditions for which it is going to the above doctor and seek help:*but of course they are counting on you*.

Muesli in its modern form became popular in Western countries starting in the

1960s as part of increased interest in "Health food" *
Name the most common in biochemistry where as synonyms for them use names saccharides or sugars. Carbohydrates (saccharides) is usually divided into four groups: monosaccharides, disaccharides, oligosaccharides and polysaccharides.

how you need to prepare in order to truly represent a healthy morning meal?
Consider the recommended dose for serving, prominent on the back of the packaging and make sure that you follow the manufacturer's recommendations.
lie * 5 kg lost for five days with a diet based only on that *
digestion, gives you a feeling of satiety and energy? * total daily calorie intake *
*Fruits (dried-and occasional glazed sugar topping because it loses dehydrating natural properties and wealth of vitamins:) and original flavor *
* Add ingredients to taste.
do not forget to Carbohydrate belong to the group of foods that are processed and converted in the stomach into complex forms of Energy**

Avoid traps*
using little tricks make a balanced diet **

*if your life is a bit lonely this does not mean that you should have breakfast, lunch and dinner with television*
This is tiny as worrisome aunt like me;and global in another serial.