My autumn colors

surrounded with love of God and watered with tears without any human wickedness
fence from time ;Osijek

I only know that this is the bush ..Park the same year another time..
old shit benign situation by phone..breaks every appetite..
The reasons of human stupidity ..breaks every beauty that attracted me to the pictures..
and even woman call..
who needs a doctor left, the priest at the right ..This lamb is a tired ..but called a nonsense to be left blind deal.
Always the same question*Is that Rose?(the name of my mother*)
If you ask me for my mother * my mother rest in peace for over a year*the same voice the same woman..rude, makes me nervous and she enjoys it..evil..or someone bothered territory where I write a blog/or someone needs my current card itemized?
no debt and some strange Requests of the past,
(phone is a registered in my property to my name.)
shame that and write about it*