quality of life and living /Crazy, confused ,normal

quality of living**society what's at you???
By rank aunt,sisters and daughters**that my role!
What are the recommendations  to nephews*outside the winter put your long underpants and good shoes;stop by if you get*.
have you HRK to borrow*more of them asks*
my dear depends on the purpose*
et cetera***

sister what can to do together for our immediate family*asked the brothers*
something easier to more difficult"...
and sometimes we are helpless..

Our daughter *
I gave all*

The concept of quality of life usually describe the factors that have an impact on the living conditions of society or individuals. Generally, the term quality of life of thought to the level of prosperity of individual persons or groups of people.

One factor is the physical well-being, and in addition there are many other factors, such as education, employment, social status, health, etc-the written and unwritten laws*

What women want**?
after all education stupidest question in the whole world***
a beer for me and friends*
longer penis**probably symbol of demand protection¨¨

What men want**?
and this is another stupid question**
only one woman**?
good conversation?
house in flowers?
high heels?
lace thong or leopard men's thong?..

again the day after ..or a few days later..
It's stupid when you do certain therapies disturb the peace, I would now hang crawled into my bed ..I tried to set on fire and heat with gas heated the entire house ..but a certain part of society does not care ...what I can or can not*
autumn and winter depressed drab and higher consumption unfortunately all kinds of things..I'm not the guy, even act like they//* are desirable  pants and thick clothes ..then I do not care about fashion awareness ..especially if it in question a life*;what see the other side  in a conversation with me?

Attempt to look a bit rough;(without pushing and highlighting women's tits and ass*)..especially stupid or setting behavior is impossible for my age because lately hanging out with high-ranking doctors*
visible invisible and unobtrusive* I do not create curiosity and do not allow different approach  to me*
it is important to solve the problem*feet in concrete**wholesale unwelcome feeling.

somewhat bleak and dilapidated; it is a rearrangement of the environment and bad reminder of old times..somebody came to the rescue and helped with travel to physical therapy..It is difficult to reconcile the time as there are additional costs for travel..hope to help-the waiting time is too long  5 months??and question whether it's therapy for me??14.8.2015.-11.11.2016.and it's not over*.?

normally I long for all lost concentration and patience..as well as my mind when you half of it does not explain..Anger about the injustice and disrespect my age**my a life, work ability, social existence, Health..I'm talking about the sheep but me see it as a calf**I'm not good on a hook in a butcher shop;(do not someone to tell me now you Know how is it that  was to  Him!

If I have slightly different structure than others ... positive qualities..too strange to all cracking at me..
And despite the fact doing earthly women obligations**.

I was not gone fishing but we dropped in at the fish market;two live pieces about 6 kg*one for a family of four and another for singles*(little me)no I'm not a vegetarian-I am quiet *some time because it's cut and stored in portions.
was the speed and hunger-crazy combination just for me*
Glavas (carp; lat. Hypophthalmichthys), a genus of freshwater fish in the carp family (Cyprinidae), which belong to three types, white (H. molitrix) and gray (H. nobilis), silver carp and carp, and H. Harmand.
where I am in this story-worse than the worst pornographic movie**
and now can not wait to 23 o'clock..most tablet getting stuck in my throat..this is neither virus nor flu but coma for sure;luckily I do not see white mice-for now.

how to throw up person comatose state*(
"disorder of consciousness from which the patient can not awaken.(according to Aristotle.
Prognosis depends on the specific cause, duration and depth*(
no this is not funny text*shitty state.
as long as the patient driving like an idiot*time spent at idle..
when you say something to you-that you remain rest of his life*
My leg is needed as the backbone ;especially The spinal cord
thanks *not plan to dig dumpster to survive.

Corpus Hipocraticum
"I swear by Apollo the physician, by Asclepius, Hygieia and PANAKEJA, all the gods and goddesses, even call them as witnesses, I'm going for its forces and conscience keep this oath and this commitment. So I will honor the teacher of this art as his parents, his children will keep his brothers, and if they want to learn this art, puočavat'll get them without a contract and without pay. I will let you participate with lectures and training, and all other knowledge my children and the children of my teachers. I will teach and students who are committed to the agreement and the sworn oath, but no one else. our regulations will be determined by their forces and knowledge for the benefit of patients and I will protect it from anything that would harm and injustice. no one will, at least for me it and prayed give a deadly drug, nor I him for him to give advice. Nor will I give a woman a destructive pessary. the same will and live a godly life and perform their art. I will not operate on urinary stones, but I will leave it to those who do that. whatever house columns, I will work to the benefit of patients, staying away from willful damage, especially the seduction of men and women, slaves and free. As per the business I learned or seen, but otherwise, in traffic with people, how not to be publicly boldly know, I kept silent and keep the secret. If I took this oath and do not if I was broke, let me be happy life and reputation to the people in a distant time; I break this oath and swear you are wrong, let me befalls contrary. "