omniscient narrator in 3rd person

 Scenario order events in a logical order and with progressive intensity, so that smaller peaks lead to the most important. Characterization of the characters in the story and dialogue, which they say are important not only in itself, but also because they improve and advance the story.
"I remember in the black"
  when it comes to abrupt endings.

-narrative, philosophical or didactic purposes and are particularly associated with the  art of rhetoric*direct stake of consciousness or the will of man.In which direction this my special way of certain stories, not scrambled eggs the other day.
Hello, this is the nature of my writing that now only I can understand why it is in this way created.

develops parallel,and each is my signature..
 - a modern novel that no real action, the narrator is in 1st person and talk about their inner world in the monologue are being explored and implemented different ways of expressing and structuring, everything is subordinate to the constructive and destructive reinterpretation-variable, ambiguous, structures.

a short trip to the somewhat unusual formula writing-not a question of humor or some nudity except chastity belt of my soul.

poets express their feelings and views of the world in which recounts the events that took place, or is deemed to have occurred in the past is divided into acts and scenes, and spectator interest encourages a conflict or complication that eventually dismissed.
Sept des 9 Terre

fatigué, est-ce à moi était tout le nécessaire*Ulysse serait dire à sa femme**
she asks*
how many fucking hours invested in all this*
Santé et souffle de vie?
qui est un putain de jour et de l'âge*
2220 autres
jour cinquième mois de Lord en automne*
ah heures**le plus grand nombre"
très au sérieux*
Ce qui a l'amour sur la terre?
pas sur Mars est pas mieux/*
dit-elle doucement..
méchant me sous son pied*
dante est une secousse et Méphistophélès
imbécile, stupide..
you know on whose side I and you fighting*
I'm not their mother octopus*
colder weather in Atlantis*wear something warm.
beautiful is these beautiful women without conflict managers  of Heaven and Hell...
she said*

where the other fallen angels?

Avez-vous un autre jeu de cartes?

we need pure soul to reconcile heaven and earth*
This is not a book for every pocket*
what you say to Gabriel?
When the purpose of the turmoil is done, the storm will stop and all reveal a blue sky*
love dreaming more valuable than anything?
do not touch the eighth corps*
Michael has a job to weigh*
Rafael on the road*
Yes, it's time to go.

You feel like your time in the circle;If you bowel or jaw knots If your heart flashes of heat, it is a sign that you're on the right track..    

whether the end of the scene ** can always add and expand the long conversation through which carries a certain message ..
whether it's me **
still thinking about the text*
If you enroll all what I wanted to say, then loses sense charms..then losing a certain creation which will get additional content.