shaped understanding of history

of course I'm gone a couple of days, not that I'm gone I'm here at home present or occupied some its highest and high-quality essential life priorities.
The task and responsibilities carried out least it seems that way.
let's move on..
Why this title and where they are well on the way I find ..
Maybe my specialty of view is different and more sensitive, do not have to pump them with sensationalism but always add a little spice to lacking form..
where it teaches?
At school genetic magic"*

"My father sighed, leaning against the wall, and laid a foot on the stone block-place for climbing on the donkey?...
where am I..
the university library in someone's book*.

where it comes from the front of the little images of darkness and horror ... the movie I watched ..but I'm not a fan *but I look sometimes..**
In time, some dulled to stimuli;at a recent time; not long ago  try to avoid..
of which the book**?
the Historian
Elizabeth Kostova

ten years meticulous historical research, a lot of personal time experience and travel the countries they write about*
novel debut
at the University of Michigan Prize novel in the making-erudite style

shocking love story and adventure breathtaking**
The novel is situated almost the entire part of the areas Eastern Europe from the Middle Ages to the present day soaking with blood and tortured wars;Search paths of history based on facts and absurdities.

Book I like ..
however some higher power does not allow to read in peace..because I myself somewhat dimmed.

Now shall some old master Letters pronounce*got your sense and skills**

"years of tantalizing is the school writing as well as painting school,I've dealt a huge task in too heavy mysterious teacher.*

What I find in all the texts despite the additional fiction,truths and mysticism..a bunch of science;not only in this book than in any new which I open.
understand, comprehend, know, realize, see, read,educated, knowledgeable, learned, literate, lettered..
someone that does everything the easy way ..
where  is missing  my  children's souls innocence  serenity without collect all more difficult burden?

Squeezed from several directions  as old dinosaurs ..has nothing  with the T- rex females..

whatever exactly was the word,This is the stone for centuries watched the same scene,countless similar sunsets..