" still thorns and roses*in different forms


drama queen ‎(plural drama queens)
  1. (idiomatic, informal) Any exaggeratedly dramatic person.???


  • attention whore???

Certain people are going to give me this honorary title***I just wonder what is hiding behind their doors.?????What they are doing parents.?My pedagogical the rank Aunt**military ranks??infantry-soldiers marching or fighting on foot; name for the genus of the Army for which purpose the execution of direct combat operations. It is generally armed with light weapons.The main types of infantrySome infantry units are specialized for different purposes: eg. To scout enemy territory, anti-terrorist operations, intelligence activities, mine action, performing amphibious assault, special units for extraction / rescue civilians, equipment, units for carrying out sabotage, assassination, decontamination and various other .
Scorers: Guns of the pedestrians as assault rifles, automatic rifles, semi-automatic rifles, shotguns, automatic rifles for close or street fighting. They are the backbone of infantry and have them in most every army because of their mobility, ability to close combat. They are the first ever, was in charge, was in the capture bunkers, buildings, and other positions that provide geographic superiority over the enemy.
Snipers: This special type of infantry does not participate directly in the conflict as the first two, but camouflaged, hidden from open conflict, with little effort and invisible to the enemy from a safe, long distance work after soft enemy targets (pedestrians) with high precision by using optics the rifle intended for this purpose, which can even be semi-automatic and automatic. Depends which is intended distance.
Anti-tank infantry, "PO" pedestrians are intended to act against a variety of enemy armored self-propelled vehicles, tanks, infantry fighting vehicles, self-propelled howitzers, anti-aircraft vehicles and even bunkers, small buildings etc.
The weapons of these pedestrians are usually hand-held rocket launchers and grenades and various other anti-tank infantry weapons.
Air infantry: Air infantry is usually stationed within the air defense batteries, as well as support firepower anti-aircraft guns and rocket launchers PZ static or is dispersed in the wider area in the context of expected flights over enemy aircraft for the purpose of damaging, removing or destroying them. The weapons of this type of infantry is made up of light and portable anti-aircraft rocket launchers to thermal, infrared or other missile guidance system.
The infantry in combat action at ground targets usually consist of a combination of several types of pedestrians, for more effective action on a variety of targets. For example, the combination of: an engine room with servers, three to four shooters, one sniper, and the need for pedestrians, make a command group.
Each small unit infantry consists of several types of pedestrians. The larger units consist of several genera Army. For example, a brigade consisting of several company of infantry, anti-tank and anti-aircraft several battalions, Battalion connection (communication), and so on....****

I do not know what my brothers say??not only in the family but also other little brothers (the society)all this training be applicable different  in peace;how much you know about martial arts??how much do you know about yourself?  Value  your human?Some call it my career** tiny people life*!!!"

Now normally I should be in bed, try to go to sleep and not to open the box in which are dangerously expensive jewels..
a few days later because it was only a draft***

specialists like this write ** that we lay still we can understand it costs our health condition
a piece of cartilage "crashed" into the spinal canal and pressure on a nerve (disc extrusion) -diskus herniated IV degree-by the way is not yet for the operation**
Now to some husband said "let go  my wife outside of blind work" on Croatian way (go plaids socks)-in translation-be chicken..as steak or drumstick???
Doctors all to solve...-fucked up big my sick leave(Cheers!)-and you search experts-Christmas Eve in a coma*...Now Claus shouts*ho,ho,ho..hohoho.......
Younger guys will say go play with your Barbies**I've never met in childhood of this dolls as all this writing I have not met having a manicure...
A woman like any gentle soul will tell you **
because of this I'm losing my life, the head and the mind as well as herself, my youth, cheerfulness, wit and ability to work*especially those who have sacrificed, some loyal to his principles that have nothing to do with parenting education.*

Society will say, draws us deep into their issues and take off too naked and inhale us in his life and events..you're too lonely, looking for social understanding in a strange way..
No, this is not a form of forums, but they are free to all fall, comment and talk to me-maybe together we find answers for multi-state individuals and society..
I'm not your bogeyman**

all those 9000 and more hope reading on this strange channel-first through me black star-the personal life of an earthly laity..Come put a little comedy and serenity!- then I'll be just a drama producer ..
Little more stole my hope and hurt in several ways**

despite what the Marines have a fucking education each wound inflicted by foreigners it hurts*.
as in some partisan films say," escapes and do not look back my son*.

Every soul is going through the accumulated anger of injustice inflicted;Lamb has no idea about the law and the prosecutor's office even lack of Rights ,written in legal writings and decisions of Parliament..

I did not give my vote to in peace died on my feet..

I'm not a comic tragedy-but various influences different people ..my personality shaped in the form of the disease and introduced deeper into the disease**
Who do I bite; which ass or legs??
In the Indian philosophy I'm the last hole on the flute**or the lowest caste of ants.
Mother Teresa of Calcutta physical the dead but the spirit still living;Gandhi for human freedom it failed to complete on Earth,Jesus bleeder and after 2,000 years..

Who is this crumb ?what it says?

By laws in democracy* I have not the person who prays, kneeling for mercy*.If I lost her sight due to illness /in pain you lose sanity/your Duty  give to  me all the tools to protect my dignity, health and self-esteem*.

How to talk to the doctor??

How much are you ready for it and you do not have at least 1 day knowledge of medicine??

You are not able to describe what  is your pain??

This was previously a kingdom, then Yugoslavia (set with borders)and now Democratic Croatia*
No, this is not America, and gold fever*,but transfer your structure of the state in our country -for 200 sick-rich people***where are the other classes of our society???
We do little to patch up with patches Despite the size of the wound*.Doctors let him speak in their name*(I was not born because for this*indicate  they state that fewer children are born in our country*i wonder why*????)
setting up of a small human on his feet-he is  or she the foundation of this society
and women when they are angry and frustrated curse as carriage driver but abstain and burn out*
so much about Women midges

Wait I'm going to buy another pack of cigarettes *

if someone wants sex*(Let rejoice from your wallet**various brothel and elections but not at my bill**

for the wealthy*Amsterdam and plane..

Have a safe trip*