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The State of the World's /Refugees/Homeland war/art for memory

Of course it is desirable to avoid this way memories and references to topics which are painful not only for me but the entire population on the territory where I live..likely politicians will say * they are young and will get over those days of his life and Youth..I wanted out of it, but the origin and continuation of themes and work depends on a small preface.There has been 16 years does not speak and does not mention in the house for our Health as well as the wider community ..discussion of pain / with itself -if it is small for large you go to the doctor*let one tear male as a woman and continue to live.*feline lives-how many of them still have the number*or how many of them have??

*and all around us there are monuments like the people and the graves of the deceased as well as monuments to victims of sacrificing for more goals.*

The law on the status of displaced persons and refugees to accommodation were
provided a number of solutions, from the refugee settlements, refugee
centers, shelters, assembly centers and accommodation in other
family-accommodation in resorts, hotels and other hotels
objects. The law is the Office for Displaced Persons and Refugees
prescribed possibility "that can make social institutions,
educational institutions boarding, resorts,
hotels and other (...) organizations to which the right of disposal,
or have ownership or kept in the possession of the company and
other legal and natural persons domiciled in the territory of the Republic
Croatian to organize accommodation, food and settlement
other basic needs of displaced persons' (Parliament, 1993).
 Settlement  of friendship/ Čepin /refugee settlements/Osijek/Croatia/1992-1999./through which during the Homeland War to the present day about 3,000 displaced persons and refugees,and more*
I can not say that this is my birthplace of life as well or my family, it was only a long-term temporary accommodation with support Caritas.
15 January 1998.- Croatian Danube peacefully through reintegrated into the constitutional system of the Republic of Croatian.
there were 200 organized domestic and foreign entities,
not counting the many ad hoc initiatives and individual contributions
people at home and abroad, especially in the Croatian diaspora,
who selflessly help victims of war in Hrvatskoj.Izuzetno an important contribution in providing humanitarian
assistance provided by the European Union which has systematically from 1992 to
1995, delivered through a variety of programs 171 000 tons of food,
and then an additional 28 000 (on average 5 to 6000 tons of food
monthly). At the same time as other donors to provide 130 000
tons of humanitarian aid. At the beginning of 1994 assistance has started
wane, and the need for displaced persons, refugees and other persons in
social need, which is then in Croatia was 230,000, ranged
were around 12 000 tonnes per month.*
Displaced persons and refugees were victims of war and, as such, are in addition to
material losses suffered great mental and family losses.The persecution increased mental, physical and social sensitivity displaced persons and refugees, and the extension of frustration resulted inconflicts, aggression and sometimes suicides. Thus, many domestic and international humanitarian organizations are providing psychosocial assistance to a number of locations, but the primary focus is the preservation of mental health, the preservation of family and communities, and the realization of the return.
Soldiers* are all told  /but we're civilians / teenagers / they say were far from all of these events (no basement, shelling, snipers, air alert, wanderings of our fathers in saving their families as well as our mothers and going to the work under war circumstances..and the sons of the front-line soldiers .
so has created the story of this chair; * brought out of exile settlements
faithfully served all these years
but finally she broke despite my attempts various renewal
part ending in eternal fire for my firewood
and this is left to memory
tantalizing for women hands because wood is impregnated and who knows how it is processed hard as hell*

I thought that the case for cutting, prior carving-handsaw not helped*

I arranged a room for the dirty work like this, but it's cold in there but all end up in the living room*

I have no professional carpenter appliances for a particular treatment is identified and processing with small cutters for wood*
most of the 99.9 percent of which are signed and explained posts are my works
this might look, missing coating, or even one of my extra effort on wood
only thing left from the old chairs-as well as my knowledge of it as well as the origin
this is is only part of wood  lately in my hands for processing*I can not come to the sawmill as a buyer and these people are looking for big sales *
For larger projects*The wood is dried as the trunk cut off a couple of years****
madhouse at the dining room table
if dummies do not Know*(This not valid for all persons who read me*)
I do not pee on myself nor any of my family*and my left and right face is clean*and wash hands constantly in my source and my bills fair pay*
I'm the same as 100 years ago or 2000 years*

 how to achieve heartsease*
Definition of heartsease
 peace of mind: tranquility

heartsease Synonyms

calm, calmness, peace, peacefulness, placidity, sereneness, serenity, tranquillity (or tranquility)
Related Words
content, contentment, ease; comfort, consolation, relief, solace; quiet, quietude, repose 

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