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secret reserve the so-called placebo

[jumping from the stage] Oh! I shall come and see! You can come by but this is one of those days ...**Cross Roads writing".
[He sniffs.] My, it smells good here in your nest!
but not constantly..but I'm trying to work on that**
*but allows the writer to formulate personal emotions through structured thoughtful narration, the act of understanding, comprehension and integration disturbing experience in the creative process of self through writing enables people to watch themselves on the side and to control their emotions, they can give a stronger sense of self-efficacy and control control of emotions.
Reluctant to talk about themselves, and at first glance, the only thing you share with these people is a moment the fact that in the privacy of your home all jotting something and you do not know what to do with it. Yet, here you are, it means something .. Needless to every situation subjected to analysis. Then make the analysis itself has become meaningless because so many of us …

Gypsy maps-the other side of the horoscope

“thinking,”“feeling,” and “willing
description of the markbyaso-calledpsychological thrilleraforecastofaperson'sfuture
 So the world is not such egocentric seen, these figures expect a standing ovation accompanied by a symphony orchestra and when drunk go pee in the bushes and are convinced that they deserve it, after all, God first created them chin.Although emotionally fragile as butterflies rastrančiraju you the steak in affect and the next moment weave tapestries to charities without having to remember anything
Insane maniacs. The members of this sign risk to you with a smile on his face in cold blood to kill a nail gun if you breathe the wrong way. Confused, jealous, contradictory and vacillating like to know everything about everyone, but at least they know about themselves.Do you see a maniac on the road to talking to himself, it's probably a twin who found a pebble in the shoe, and from seventeen different angles to analyze the anatomy, meaning, purpose and deeper c…

Act of Independence of hereditary factors

**** But what did she write on the sand? Was it not the name of Amor, or a heart pierced with
his dart, or something of such sort, that one might know from it that the satyrs had whispered
to the ear of that nymph various secrets of life?

***** drop dead gorgeous with wild flavor of melting Allusion Speech frees the mind from the inner closet of confusion and even pain, and writing closes the door on the uncertainty of words, at least for a time. ah these of products alienation inexhaustible conflict interest great moral confusion and dominance of politics in the global framework within which human activities are intertwined as never before silently accepting things as they are, rough and ruthless real world..***and this is my writing peacekeeping mission in the bloody war..We are forced to look below the surface in search of all the deep rooted common characteristics lurking, perhaps, and in our own
thoughts..It takes more: a constant effort focused on understanding and undermining min…

Intergalactic High-tech Demoiselle

*but a small voice in your brain tells you :  "Click on it ..let us see what is the word. "
Anyone who has ever dealt with the writing knows that the reader's attention hard to keep. The most important rule of writing and journalism is - if you can not specify the readers to read one sentence, you have no chance to provide them to read the whole article. This one sentence is the title. The title is what all of us attracts attention, which tells us what it is about the text and how we filter and choose the texts they want to read than those who do not zanimaju.U address must be the core of the text or on the way to attract the attention of the audience and specify them for further reading. Writing titles is the art and very hard work, harder than writing the text. Poorly designed headline can destroy the whole effort because no one will be interested .
..This is the same old blog with all my posts, but the old address-which the texts through time as well as improve the co…

life hangovers of mutual longing

**** Who of you dares to be different from their surroundings and some generally accepted opinions and behavior patterns? In my weakness, I took a map of the world, looked at her and said;Your mind is a battlefield*. Influence your attitude toward life, on your actions and your behavior.They create a mentality and directing you...? Most people shy away from it *...Often they are referred to comments such as: "Do you always have to complicate?", "Why do you react?" "Well, do not take everything to heart?", "Why are you so sensitive / a?"
biological difference in my nervous system, observing the process and greater amounts external and internal stimuli, and that the deeper and more thorough way...It would be one of the explanations on certain issues.Hypersensitive people are compassionate, creative, intuitive, very well notice the details, responsible and reliable..that's me. But with me everything is fine, there is still 20% of people in the g…

general aura of darkness

Deja me hablar.
(Let me do the talking.)

**** (to the passengers, in Spanish)
Vamanos. Fuera. Hagan una lina!
(Let's go. Out. Form a line!)
**** No hablas ni una palabra del Espanol,
verdad, amigo?
(You don't speak a word
of Spanish, right, friend?)

**** I think you jumped off the bus in the wrong  part of town, amigo. In fact, I'll bet dollars to pesos that you're not --from anywhere near here..From unauthorized immigration to failure to properly inoculate prior to landing. Okay, everybody, situation's under control,calm down. If you'll just give me your attention for a moment I'll tell you what happened.This  writing is called a "neuralyzer." A gift from some friends ...Like me.*

My Fellas, you are lucky to be alive after a blast like that...He looks up, at the million stars shining overhead... she SPEEDS UP and OUT OF FRAME is surprised by this maneuver, but doesn't waste a second* ****
Dulseviaandwhat it is used?Dulsevia increases t…

it is a friendly tweak ?

Ouch!fact ** ******  Loneliness is, on the contrary, unpleasant, punishing, state of lack, discontent due to alienation, the awareness that we are too much alone and that we consequently missed. Although people differ in the amount of loneliness that can not accept, it is occasionally necessary to everyone. It is a necessary point of passage to the intimacy of any kind. It allows us to understand their needs to each other and what we are willing to share with others. It renews us for the challenges of life, refreshes our perspective and worldview. Takes us back to the helm of his own life in which we can easily become a slave of various plans, schedules, requires protection. In contrast to the loneliness that we are weak, solitude restores our mental and physical health returns us balance and control painful isolation is this chemistry that makes us happy*feeling that every person experiences at least occasionally due to a disorder of life rhythm The permanence of these feelings sayin…