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Act of Independence of hereditary factors

But what did she write on the sand? Was it not the name of Amor, or a heart pierced with
his dart, or something of such sort, that one might know from it that the satyrs had whispered
to the ear of that nymph various secrets of life?

drop dead gorgeous with wild flavor of melting Allusion
Speech frees the mind from the inner closet of confusion and even pain, and writing closes the door on the uncertainty of words, at least for a time.
ah these of products alienation inexhaustible conflict interest great moral confusion and dominance of politics in the global framework within which human activities are intertwined as never before silently accepting things as they are, rough and ruthless real world..***and this is my writing peacekeeping mission in the bloody war..We are forced to look below the surface in search of all the deep rooted common characteristics lurking, perhaps, and in our own
thoughts..It takes more: a constant effort focused on understanding and undermining mindset development of a peaceful way of thinking through education in the broadest sense through which would come to the fore our potential for strength and common sense and suggests practical ways by which use to our society could build a culture of peace for affection and behavior which aims to aiding and abetting another in which it is not expected some sort of other awards. This is a behavior that is usually described as "selfless", because the interests of others placed above the interests of helpers- actions are aware and contain the intention to help someone and require some sacrifice or renunciation.
Yet the experience is far from the only field in which our reason given limit. Experience tells us though, it is, but does not tell us that this must necessarily be so, and not otherwise..
common destiny of the human mind to the possibilities as soon as possible complete their building and to subsequently examine whether the foundation well laid*

Standards are always trying to channel people's behavior towards the ideal-the type figure very standard*
There is nothing contradictory in an attempt to explain the "center of gravity" movement and at the same time enjoy their aesthetic impression; to understand the motives of human actions and to discern the values that these motives are manifested in reality, to understand the reality and individuality of human actions and that they do not apply the specific criteria of treatment, and ultimately, to learning about these rules themselves do not try to be Creative.In the interpretation (and understanding) of other works, we actually use our own judgment, the interests, values and attitudes, and they will be reflected in the interpretation of others. "Other" we therefore only means for understanding ourselves, and it makes no sense to talk about the "objectivity".

"Prophecies that are fulfilled alone" - "unintended consequences of human action."
For example, a bunch of the group without a structure, and as a rule is made up of individuals who are in the same number and capacity will not meet. Or vice versa, marriage or family is very structured even though it may consist of two or three members, and until recently it usually lasted until the end of life of its members. The man on the street asking "what time is it" do not even know, and our "relationship" takes a few seconds. And some large groups such as the state can take dozens of centuries.
For providing the image one period it is necessary to provide many details of everyday life
social contract theorists believe that the state is caused when individuals realize that the better for them opportunistic left part of their freedom (sovereignty) to someone else, the king, the rulers, democratic government or sovereign briefly, to instead perform general function of protection, rather than the adhere to their absolute freedom, when a person is a wolf to man, and live in constant fear that the other, with his absolute freedom, to kill while he sleeps.

current of thinking has enormous power that you can easily drag along timeless inner space in which discloses the contents of your life   this is nothing but a point of view, one of the many possible perspectives.**
Aunt is "cool" adult. Because there is no responsibility of parents, in this regard aunt can easily show your child's side. Memories  mainly related to the fun, jokes and games. Aunt not to let your imagination run wild and be a real entertainer.  As the aunt grew up with a father  of the child, it can be better than anyone to understand children's frustrations and problems, and to understand their point of view. In conflict with their parents, especially in adolescence, uncle can be very useful. Children will be entrusted aunt if not their parents, and she in family disputes can be the perfect mediator, a trusted advisor. Children often with aunts can talk about topics that they are embarrassed to speak in front of their parents. She gives great advice without prejudice, kept secret and openly talk about their experiences. Aunt may be a treasure trove of advice..

so I told them a couple of times that-I'm there when they need me****
She knows more than that, but the he can behave like someone who knows absolutely nothing. This from Aunt learns to know and not know that they are not sticking their noses into other people's plates, it is nice to have a best friend, but the you do not need to because all the other chase, it's normal that friends sometimes quarrel.

Aunt is not a substitute for the mother; It is their supplementations..

 Social status is determined by the value of the rights, power and characteristic behavior of people, which includes certain norms and limitations, as expressed by the appropriate symbols.

She knows that no matter how far you go in your sleep, you will always come back and it will wait patiently. Her eyes will still reflect that lunar magic that is so well remember, wonderful kitchen will smell like spices, you will be asked how it was, how you feel. If all is not as it should and you feel miserable, will tell you a joke to please you. then will fill your stomach, and because relax, will solve all the problems you his wise advice and subtle humor. Later, in the light of the fire, you will look at her straight face and ask for the hundredth time: Is it really the moon girl from a misty garden or beautiful Cuckoo? But the answer never know or be very important..
because with his lunar, photographic memory to remember every child's first step, and then when he had long since left the nest.

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